Mar 11, 2020
We at Haute Dokimazo tout ourselves as a human-to-human company. RSA's most recent conference theme was "The Human Element." Our entire industry is based on face-to-face, person-to-person, and human-to-human. But what happens if you Google any of those terms right now? Yep. This. The human-to-human transmission of a coronavirus that is sweeping the globe has obliterated months — sometimes years — of event work in an instant. Huge conferences cancelled. Small hospitality events postponed. Business travel restricted. Sponsors backing out of agreements. We can argue (and are arguing) all day… more
Mar 03, 2020
In an increasingly digital world, the in-person experience of an event can be a significant ROI-boosting differentiator. In fact, 80 percent of marketers believe live events are critical to their company’s success. For that reason alone, events should be a meaningful part of your overall B2B marketing strategy. But how do you make sure your events are a success? Read on to discover some essential tips for marketing your events to maximize attendance. 1. Find and Attract Your Audience with Inbound and Marketing Automation You can harness the power of inbound marketing to attract the right… more
Feb 24, 2020
What’s your game? Whether it’s business or sports - everyone is trying to attract and engage fans; those die-hard, paint your face, play the fight song at your wedding kind of fans. Your business probably doesn’t have a fight song, but don’t you want die-hard stakeholders who would sing it at the top of their lungs if you did? Just like in sports, successful businesses are continuously cultivating their fan base: clients, employees, strategic partners and other high value stakeholders often through events. I’ve spent decades shepherding people through the fan sales cycle from creating… more
Feb 17, 2020
What’s worse than your swag being abandoned on a booth counter is your swag being thrown in the garbage on its way off the trade show floor. Not only is this a waste of your planning efforts and marketing dollars, but it’s also really bad for the environment. Think about all of those wasted foam squishy balls, plastic pens, paper pamphlets and post-it note pads waiting to be shipped off to a landfill. If we’re going to work on reducing, reusing and recycling in every other facet of life and business operations, we should also work on reducing waste at events, too. There are thousands of… more
Feb 10, 2020
Event planners want to make a lasting impression on their attendees, causing them to reflect positively on their event with the hope that attendees will return year after year. But what if your event caused attendees to not only remember how well your event was run, but also the positive impact it made on the environment? As the state of the earth continues to be a concern, making your event eco-friendly will not only show your attendees you care about the environment, it can also save you money! Here are some things to consider as you look to make your event greener: Lighting – Work with… more
Feb 04, 2020
There’s no question about it, exhibiting at a trade show can be expensive. There are the booth cost, show services and other essentials that will help draw in attendees to your exhibit. However, it’s essential to keep these expenses under control. Here’s a summary of 10 ways to do just that.  1. Map Out All Your Costs  According to EXHIBITOR Magazine, the average trade show budget breaks down in five broad categories. For example, if your budget is $45,000, you can expect to pay the following percentage for dollars for each: Booth Space and Contents (51% - $22,950) Personnel, Travel,… more
Jan 28, 2020
Audio visual (AV) is a critical — albeit often overlooked — component of successful events. Depending on what the planner needs, an event’s AV may appear invisible or it can take the spotlight. Either way, every large event needs some kind of AV. AV providers come in as many shapes and sizes as there are kinds of events. There are large and small companies, in-house and independent providers. The right AV partner can make or break your event, and planners should evaluate these options as carefully as you would a venue and caterer. It’s up to you to see what AV company will work best for… more
Jan 22, 2020
A brand-new decade is upon us and seasoned meeting planners are looking for ways to keep up with innovative event industry trends. Whether it's eco or social responsibility, ensuring attendees have invigorating meeting spaces with beautiful views, healthy menu options, latest technology or unique breakout sessions, here are experiential ways to incorporate five key industry trends into your 2020 events. Mindful Meetings & Menus Matter Hotels around the world are starting to offer customized mindful meeting packages to enhance their guests’ overall wellbeing. Examples of wellness… more
Jan 14, 2020
The outlook for the events industry is bright through 2020. Human beings are driving to connect with each other, to experience things together. We look for opportunities to connect and grow, and events are a means through which this occurs. And more events mean more need for event planning services. As the industry evolves and faces new issues like physical and cyber security, increasing diversity and changing expectations from attendees, event planning as a profession will need to evolve as well. The question is how it will evolve. There are (at least) two schools of thought, two differing… more
Jan 09, 2020
Because I’m a sustainability consultant, you may assume that I believe in human-caused climate change. Until recently, I’ve avoided talking much about climate change to my professional audience, because I want to avoid being polarizing or political. First of all, if you’ve made this assumption, you’re correct — I do believe, based on the consensus of thousands of scientists, that human activities are changing our climate. However, I no longer believe that climate change is a political issue. I wouldn’t even call it an environmental issue. It’s an everything issue. The growing instability of… more