Dec 12, 2018
New marketing-tech companies are popping up left and right, vying to help you capture, convert and close new leads. The 2018 Martech 5000 Technology Landscape Supergraphic grew 27 percent in the last year, to 6,829 solutions. Think about your marketing channels for a minute: advertising, social, video, email, SEO, retargeting – your team probably uses dozens of tools. The new tools are great, but a negative trend is also developing – marketers are becoming disconnected from their leads. According to Hubspot, 52 percent of marketers believe they are the best source of leads for their sales… more
Dec 04, 2018
A few years ago I joined the admission team of a prestigious East Coast law school. Their processes were tight and their event menu was well-thought-out. My role was to execute and manage these events to their expected standards, but I knew these events could serve more than their target audiences by bringing in partners who wanted to extend their relationship with our students, faculty and administration. “What about creating sponsorship opportunities for a few events?” I asked. I had designed, implemented and managed countless sponsorships previously in my career and knew their win-win… more
Nov 29, 2018
You may know that CVB stands for convention and visitor’s bureau, but do you know all the services available to you by using one? Many of us know we can send RFPs, requests for proposals, or as I like to call them, RFCs, or requests for collaboration, but did you know they’ll plan site visits, share insight on fiscal incentives if any are offered, help secure off site venues, provide valuable information about any upcoming city-wides that many conflict with your program dates and alert you to properties that are rebranding, closing or about to open? And all at no cost to you. This is part… more
Nov 26, 2018
It seems like a no-brainer that reducing waste from any source, including events, is the sustainable thing to do. But do you know why reducing waste is sustainable? In a country like the U.S. with robust waste management infrastructure, the issue isn’t rampant litter pollution or unsightly garbage piles. Most trash ends up in a landfill or incinerator, and these facilities are generally safely and professionally managed. So why bother to reduce and divert event waste away from landfills and incinerators? First, materials that end up in landfills and incinerators are missed opportunities.… more
Nov 20, 2018
Ongoing content creation is arguably one of the most important aspects of a successful online marketing strategy. It is also key to promoting corporate events. Original and informative content helps build your website’s authority in the eyes of Google, provides value to your visitors and drives leads and product purchases. But it does take time. What happens when you’ve exhausted everything you can say about a specific topic or product? What do you do when you want to promote the same event this year that you have promoted for the last three years? Reposting the same blog you posted last… more
Nov 13, 2018
Corporate meeting planners are no stranger to pressure: coordinating innumerable details, managing massive budgets and dealing with the preferences, opinions and emotions of multiple stakeholders isn’t a job for the faint of heart. But after attending the recent IMEX America 2018 conference, it’s clear there’s a new challenge underway as the very notion of what it means to be a corporate meeting planner evolves to meet the demands of a changing world. Julius Solaris’s keynote presentation during MPI’s Smart Monday (leading into IMEX) focused on the concept of “legacy” and what it means when… more
Nov 06, 2018
Site inspections are a critical component of strategic planning. Without experiencing a property and city in person it’s impossible to accurately gauge if the destination and venue are the right fit for your group. That said, planning site visits can be daunting. Scheduling appointments with offsite venues, DMCs, the short list of hotels, figuring out how to schedule appointments in a logical order and taking the time to confirm all those appointments is a full day’s work. And last I checked, very few of us have entire days waiting to be filled. Those hours are in addition to what it took to… more
Nov 05, 2018
At Corporate Event News, we strive to bring you the latest news, information and tips to help you do your jobs better.  One common focus in the meetings and events industry is sustainability. Whether it’s through reducing food waste, recycling, sourcing locally or being more mindful about content or production practices, we believe that sustainability is key to the long-term success of events. This month, we’ll be bringing you more content than ever before on sustainability. While not every story will have a sustainability slant, it will be a common theme throughout November. Our goal is to… more
Oct 31, 2018
There is a lot of work that goes into planning and executing an event. Because you and your team are so focused on getting every detail right, it can be easy to think that your job is done once the curtain comes down. Nothing could be further from the truth. The moment itself is only the beginning. You need to focus on sustaining the momentum well beyond when the last attendee leaves the venue. Unless you take the right steps with your sponsors, team and attendees, any progress your organization might have made will stall. The follow-up to a successful event requires many steps. For example… more
Oct 24, 2018
Event planners are on the forefront of embracing new technology to add excitement and engagement to meetings and special events, but going with the very latest technology can be a budget breaker. Now, with the advent of LED video walls, it’s possible to make a huge impact at an affordable price point. Whether you are looking to have a dynamic backdrop for a keynote presentation or an interactive entryway to your event, LED video technology can make a lasting impression on your guests. In fact, top-quality video presentations are now a must-have. According to Ashish Desai, Assistant Director… more