Dec 10, 2019
Social media success involves more than having tons of followers and likes. Significant reach and impressions can be vital ingredients to your social media soup. However, the ultimate test of your efforts comes down to driving brand loyalty, lead generation and, ultimately, customers. Here are the most vital stats for measuring the efficacy of your social media management. Engagement You may have thousands of followers, but are they qualified fans of your business? Is your follower base full of active social users, or is it loaded with fake or delinquent accounts? Do your followers… more
Dec 03, 2019
Planning an event, whether it's a team-building trip, an outing for key clients or executives, or a conference, takes an enormous amount of organization. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the to-dos piling onto your list, take a deep breath and remember that your work is worthwhile. Just how important are your planning efforts? Conferences and special client and partner events help build pipeline, retain customers and contribute to the overall perception of your brand. Team-building exercises at company retreats can rally employees and leaders around their shared goals, uncover people’s… more
Nov 25, 2019
When we asked 14 of the smartest women in event technology to name the top tech trends for the coming year, two findings jumped out: 1) There is no single trend that will dominate discussion (though there are a couple that definitely got more mentions); and 2) There are a LOT of tech trends that event professionals will need to watch! These 14 brilliant women actually provided 36 responses covering 17 different topics. There were a wide range of one-off answers, among them: Better WiFi Technology that supports sustainability Increased task automation Noise-cancelling headphones Vendor… more
Nov 19, 2019
In January I committed to making 2019’s columns about YOU. From lifelong learning and goal setting to finding a support team and being accountable, we’ve covered a lot of ground. With the year 90% completed, how are you feeling in the present moment? Share your story by emailing me at The holiday kickoff has officially started with Thanksgiving around the corner, which for many means a season of bliss and for others a time of sadness. Whether you’re ready to deck the halls or deck the next person who aggravates you, spend a few minutes with me and reflect on all you… more
Nov 13, 2019
When you search for a printing company across the globe, there will be so many to choose from that it could become really difficult to decide which company to get in touch with. You will find there are national-level as well as local companies offering the same service. Here are a few important points that will help you select the right company to ensure your printing and designing task is completed successfully. Analyze the Quality of Work You will be able to analyze the quality of work by examining samples of their previous assignments. A few things to check would be color consistency,… more
Nov 05, 2019
Events are continuing to shift to incorporate more interactive and experiential programming. Company meetings and conferences are no longer one size fits all, consisting of fixed seating in front of a projector. As event planners explore facility options for their events, they look for a venue that allows them to create an immersive and memorable experience for attendees. Booking your event at a venue with flexible space allows you to maximize programming options as well as a variety of creative layouts and formats all under the same roof, all while continuing to surprise and engage your… more
Oct 28, 2019
Probably the smartest copywriting rule I’ve ever heard is “begin with the end in mind.”  As a writer, marketer, magician, father, husband and golfer, these six words are the secret to getting the important things done. In the event planning world, it all comes down to “what do you want your guests to do/say/think/feel after the event?”  And if you’re hosting events for your clients and customers, what you want them to “do” is probably the most important.  Ultimately, you want them to do something that will advance the sale. That might look like this: Answering a phone call from a sales… more
Oct 22, 2019
In January I committed to making 2019’s columns about YOU. From lifelong learning and goal setting to finding a support team and being accountable, we’ve covered a lot of ground. With the year 80% completed, how are you feeling in the present moment?  With October comes Halloween, a day devoted to eating too much candy and donning costumes, both of which we associate with children. I’d like to speculate that an overwhelming number of adults wear costumes and masks every day. (And I’ll speak for myself on eating chocolate year-round.) How often do you find yourself doing something you don’t… more
Oct 15, 2019
The event industry is at the front line of a massive evolution in data handling and privacy. Meanwhile, the modern consumer demands (quite rightly) better data security, privacy and accountability from the brands they use. According to a CMO Council survey of global marketing leaders, 57% ranked this as a top critical demand by customers: At the same time, our modern consumer expects a highly personal and relevant experience from their favorite brands; 46% of the respondents to the CMO survey noted this as a top priority. These demands pose a massive challenge to brands; according to the… more
Oct 08, 2019
As an event professional, you know that your job is about managing people as much as it is about logistics. You also know that having the right people in your address book can often make or break an event. Here’s how you can be better at networking and connecting.  Event management is about people as well as logistics. As a corporate event professional, success in your career is as much about who you know as what you can do. Having a connection with the perfect vendor. Knowing the owner of a popular venue. Having a personal connection with a well-known keynote speaker. These are the things… more