Sep 17, 2019
With all the logistics you have to manage for your company’s trade show program, you might feel justified in skipping trade show promotional activities. But that would be like planning a party, and not sending out all the invitations. Sure, the show organizer will get people to the showfloor. But it’s up to you to get them to your booth space. Here are seven reasons why trade show promotional activities are so worth your effort: 1. They attract more booth traffic As attendees wander down the aisles, their eyes are bombarded by structures, images and words from all sides. What wins in that… more
Sep 11, 2019
Managing an event can feel like a cat rodeo, with huge groups of people headed every which way and different things on their minds. It’s easy to become frustrated when attendees do not do what we want them to do. Event planners predict behaviors based on activity history, then use those projections for forecasting and budgeting. When the target audience does not “behave” as projected, it can impact the success of the event. Don’t sit by and watch. Here are nine actions you can take to achieve desired attendee behaviors.  9. Master Segmentation to Help Your Audience Hear You Audience… more
Sep 04, 2019
Incentive Trips. These two words provoke vastly different feelings from different people. Traditionally, incentive trips were exclusively for sales people and executives. They would go to an exotic locale, get a little bit of sun and celebrate their big wins. Incentive trips were a reward for being top sellers and leading the company. Simple enough. But for the rest of the company — everyone not in sales or on the executive team — incentive trips can draw mixed feelings. Sure, sales people bring in revenue which effectively pays the bills and keeps the lights on, but sales wouldn’t be… more
Aug 27, 2019
Event marketing is often the largest single line item in corporate event budgets because of its effectiveness at achieving key marketing objectives and building trust. That is the bottom-line conclusion from four separate studies highlighted in the Top 20 B2B Marketing Charts report from Marketing Charts. B2B marketing professionals will find a wealth of insights in this report, from what types of content buyers view as most credible to the updated B2B buying process timeline to buyers' preferred information sources for problem solving. But event-related findings stand out in this set of… more
Aug 20, 2019
The faint nip of fall hasn’t yet reached the east coast, but signs of it are everywhere. My local HomeGoods is showcasing Halloween decorations and an avalanche of back to school sale advertising has blanketed all forms of media. While you may be long past the butterfly-inducing feeling the first day of school brings, you’re never beyond pushing yourself to level up your knowledge, tackle a challenge, and graduate to a new area of higher learning over a lifetime. The question is, are you doing it? With e-books, audio books, online universities, podcasts, webinars, virtual mastermind groups … more
Aug 13, 2019
Have you ever taken a personality test? Whether for fun or to better understand who you are and how you experience the world, knowing more about your personality provides an operational framework, even if it’s understanding of which Disney Princess you are (FYI - I’m Pocahontas). Whether for understanding yourself or understanding others in a work environment, in a family environment, or a social media environment, traditional personality evaluations reveal a plethora of ways to communicate your values, your outward communication strategies and how you best receive external communications.… more
Aug 06, 2019
As event professionals, we know that face-to-face learning and networking is the difference-maker in advancing your knowledge and your career. But with limited time and limited professional development budget, how can you prioritize one over the other? I've been a life-long knowledge-seeker and information tourist, testing out a variety of learning experiences from conferences to monthly luncheons to webinars to live online classes to networking events to unconferences to new formats like Spontaneous Think Tanks. I've found that all of them serve a purpose, so I thought I'd share my… more
Jul 29, 2019
When asked what would help them do their jobs more effectively, event planners commonly mention things like more hours in the day (wouldn't that be great!), more support and understanding from management / clients and more efficient resources to help them keep current — for example, events-focused podcasts that are easy to digest on the go. Another commonly expressed need is for respect for the profession (people who plan large corporate and association event are strategic pros — not "party planners"), though strategic meetings management programs and initiatives like Meetings Mean Business… more
Jul 23, 2019
When we speak of our “teams” we are usually referring to our co-workers and trusted vendor partners. While those people are often essential to your professional success, there is likely another team you need in your life which may be woefully understaffed. I’m talking about your personal support team. The people who keep you fortified and functioning optimally. Many of us shed those people long ago, considering the expense of a personal trainer, or the time required to work with a nutritionist too steep. Instead we spend the extra dollars on food we consume while working later and later and… more
Jul 16, 2019
“If it looks good, it tastes good.” This mantra was drummed into my brain in the early days of my working life. I was trained to put massive emphasis on the presentation of my product (the food) at the high-end restaurants where I worked. The reason was simple…and it had a lasting impact on the way I approach my work in my current role as CTO of eventcore. We humans are an emotional bunch, and our emotions are tightly synced with what we see. If the food is beautifully presented, that customer at your upscale restaurant will decide it’s going to be delicious before she takes the first bite.… more