Oct 31, 2018
There is a lot of work that goes into planning and executing an event. Because you and your team are so focused on getting every detail right, it can be easy to think that your job is done once the curtain comes down. Nothing could be further from the truth. The moment itself is only the beginning. You need to focus on sustaining the momentum well beyond when the last attendee leaves the venue. Unless you take the right steps with your sponsors, team and attendees, any progress your organization might have made will stall. The follow-up to a successful event requires many steps. For example… more
Oct 24, 2018
Event planners are on the forefront of embracing new technology to add excitement and engagement to meetings and special events, but going with the very latest technology can be a budget breaker. Now, with the advent of LED video walls, it’s possible to make a huge impact at an affordable price point. Whether you are looking to have a dynamic backdrop for a keynote presentation or an interactive entryway to your event, LED video technology can make a lasting impression on your guests. In fact, top-quality video presentations are now a must-have. According to Ashish Desai, Assistant Director… more
Oct 18, 2018
Technology development has been on a roll, churning out groundbreaking advancements every year. Be it virtual reality, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, or machine learning – every tantalizing technology has, in some way or the other, made its presence felt in the events industry. Event planners and attendees have capitalized on, and thoroughly enjoyed, the multitude of benefits these new technologies bring. Taking participant engagement to greater heights, event technologies have the potential to revolutionize how corporate and social events are being planned and executed. Work… more
Oct 10, 2018
Touch is one of the first ways we learn as a kid. Toddlers are practically obsessed with being able to touch and feel everything so they can learn more. This is because the ability to physically touch and hold something can help increase our interest and help us understand things better. Touchable tech appeals exactly to this human nature to touch and experience things on our own. With simple solutions that engage more than just our brain but also our five senses, touchable tech is exactly what it sounds like: technology that you can touch. This technology has been a growing event trend… more
Oct 04, 2018
Are you planning a corporate incentive trip, retreat, or meeting and need to add a "wow" factor? If you answered yes, below are some unique ways to leverage relationships with your stakeholders, members or sponsors to add more value and to create an unforgettable event! Create a task force or committee If you are a member-based organization or have a board of directors, ask them to sit on a committee to provide input on content, location and venues. If you have an executive board or committee, they may have connections that you don’t and will be able to leverage those relationships to not… more
Sep 25, 2018
The season is upon us. Yes, fall is approaching, but I’m talking IMEX season. Your mailbox is likely full of invitations to an array of IMEX events. From simple breakfast meetings to VIP dinners there are more networking events available than hours in the day. Even if you attend every event to which you’re invited you’re likely missing some quality opportunities to meet and experience people while at the show. Since we’ll all be taking the ¼ mile trek (maybe more) to the show floor each day why not use that as an opportunity to meet someone new? Even amidst the mass of humanity that is Las… more
Sep 21, 2018
With so much color, noise and evolution in the event tech landscape, it is sometimes a challenge to answer the question of “how can I get my stake holders to buy the ticket and take the ride.” Yes, it is true that “If you build it, some people will come,” however early adopters and innovators do not represent the bell curve that is often required for event technology to be truly impactful. As such, here are six simple steps to consider when you are looking to encourage technology adoption at your event.   1. Align Event Tech with the Objectives of Attendees and Stake Holders The success of… more
Sep 10, 2018
This post was co-written by Jessica Everett and Jorge Aguilar, a partner at Prophet Consulting.  Staying up-to-date with the latest technology is vital, and as a result, developer conferences abound.  Microsoft Ignite, Apple WWDC, Facebook F8, and Google I/O have become a standard way for developers to learn about emerging trends, hone their skills, expand their knowledge, network with other professionals, and learn about the newest products coming down the pipeline. While each of these events is slightly different, they all share common ground in the form of the huge investments behind… more
Sep 05, 2018
In a perfect world, an event will never be oversold. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Eventually, one of your hosted events might end up with more attendees than your venue can support. Here are some tips on ways to handle the situation.   I recently attended a conference where the event team was woefully unprepared for the number of people who showed up. As a result, the building was far over capacity - the fire marshall informed everyone that they couldn’t allow anyone else in. I was among those turned away, even though I’d registered months in advance. As you might expect… more
Aug 29, 2018
"My event app smells like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!" Well, not exactly...but wouldn't it be cool if it did? Today's attendee wants events to be experiences. They're looking to see, try, taste and learn. They want to be part of what you're creating or building. You design your events to provide immersive experiences for your attendees, so why shouldn't your app help with that process? Here are a few ideas and ways to create that immersion: Messaging and Promotion Consider have your app open with a welcome video or message from your chief sales officer. “It’s definitely great… more