Sep 15, 2021
It comes as no surprise that the past year has significantly slowed down group and business travel. While digital platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have proven an effective mode of keeping in touch, there is no replacing an in-person conversation. We all have an inherent desire to travel, explore and feel connected. With more than half of the U.S. corporations not currently traveling stating that they plan to resume domestic business travel within the next three months, the sentiment will continue to grow. With that in mind, destinations that speak to travel needs and wants will gain… more
Sep 08, 2021
In the past several weeks, I have traveled to several cities across the U.S. for different-sized trade shows and industry meetings. As a frequent business traveler pre-pandemic – at least a few times a month – I will tell you that traveling right now is simply not quite the same as it used to be in more ways than one. In short – PACK YOUR PATIENCE – and realize that everyone, and I mean everyone, is doing the best that they can in a challenging environment.   Also – work with your hotels, venues and CVBs to find out what impacts there may be on any of the points below in their cities and… more
Sep 01, 2021
“Become comfortable with permanent uncertainty.” ~ Unknown Since March 2020, your lives as planners, show managers and suppliers have been nothing short of topsy-turvy. For many seasoned event professionals, the last 19 months are new to someone whose planning cycle is three to five years in the future.  While many are touting a “new normal,” what is that exactly? And how do you pivot when your local, state or federal government changes direction with COVID-19 guidelines or mandates? One guiding principle is to stay calm and always make safety a top priority.  Let’s walk through some… more
Aug 25, 2021
As we all know, the in-person event industry was brought to a halt by the pandemic, and many live events have been missing from the business schedule for more than 18 months as a result. While virtual events have been an effective alternative for both organizers and attendees, according to Event Manager Blog’s Event Statistics, 72% of live events failed to profitably pivot to a virtual format, and this has inevitably driven the renewed demand for hybrid and live events within the industry as restrictions begin to ease. There is no denying that the past year has changed the event industry… more
Aug 18, 2021
The events industry (among others) has certainly taken its share of hits over the past 18 months. Just as we’ve discussed change and resilience in this space, I now want to challenge us all to start to move forward and shift! Below I detail some of how we can efficiently handle chaos and start to shift through our most difficult moments. Analysis paralysis When life goes into complete chaos, there is a human response called fight or flight – you’ve probably heard of it. However, a third response that I’ve seen (and felt) lately is that we also tend to freeze.  It is a physiological response… more
Aug 10, 2021
The future is hybrid! You must have heard this statement repeatedly over the last few months, and rightly so. We are now moving into a world where people are warming up and getting excited to go back to the physical events, though there are still those who aren’t ready to attend a physical event (whether for safety or resource/expense) but have embraced virtual events. Hence, welcome to the world of hybrid. Now, how do you generate the maximum ROI in this blend of virtual and offline events? The Right Strategy What is your primary objective here? Sales opportunities, lead generation or… more
Aug 04, 2021
COVID-19’s imprint on in-person gatherings is noticeable — and it has the potential to be long-lasting. An Aventri study revealed that 89% of event organizers expect to still rely on virtual meetings even when face-to-face gatherings resume. Thanks to the pandemic, companies worldwide embraced unconventional event marketing methods. Those out-of-the-box tactics aside, event marketing’s intent remains unchanged: providing unique and memorable brand experiences. And even with in-person events not en vogue at the moment, there’s still an opportunity to provide an engagement that stimulates the… more
Jul 26, 2021
I think I speak for most of us when I say that in-person events are one of those things we didn’t realize we loved until they were gone. And when events and other face-to-face gatherings started shutting down over the last year, an incredibly important channel for personalized conversations and relationship-deepening evaporated.  Since then, businesses have given their best college try to replace this lost value, with mixed results. While virtual events in and of themselves have largely done well, there’s a major missed opportunity that’s consistently overlooked: post-event content. Here’s… more
Jul 22, 2021
Nobody can predict the future, but I keep getting asked what the world of events is going to look like after COVID. After speaking with hundreds of individuals responsible for booking, planning and coordinating company events, here are the common themes I hear people reflect on. These insights come from doing hundreds of events during the pandemic and speaking to leaders in human resources, client engagement teams and event planners about how they are planning on returning to a world where we can do business in person once again. The new normal doesn’t mean we won’t have in-person events,… more
Jul 14, 2021
Recently, Zoom announced the release of a new events platform that will let organizers monetize and promote their events. Zoom Events is packaged as an “all-in-one” platform that can build event hubs, provide customizable ticketing and registration options, integrate networking for attendees, track event statistics and more. While the new Zoom Events platform holds benefits for the future of virtual event planning, what does it mean for event management companies? Can more sophisticated event platforms displace traditional firms that provide event management and planning services? Zoom Is a… more