Aug 09, 2018
Digital technology has changed the way in which business operates. At one time companies just had to focus on radio and print advertisements to gain popularity. The advent of television complicated this, let alone the rise of the internet. Suddenly advertisements are everywhere and come in a wide range of forms. Some businesses even only operate online! This means that companies and brands have had to become savier and more strategic in reaching their consumers if they want to succeed. It has become necessary for companies to become more creative in reaching the public because consumers… more
Aug 02, 2018
A sustainable event is one in which attendees remain connected to the organizer, sponsors and fellow conference-goers from the opening reception to closing remarks. General session seats are filled early, and facilitated networking events are as well attended as impromptu groups forming in hotel lobby bars. You might not think the definition of perishable can possibly describe a corporate event but think of it in these terms: something perishable is likely to rot or decay because the core of the event lacks sustenance and nourishment to keep the energy alive. Sustainability starts with one… more
Jul 24, 2018
In a world of networking events and big conferences, thinking of unique ways to make a lasting impression can be tough. Luckily, almost anything is possible when it comes to large-format printing and branding materials. Below are six out-of-the-box ways to use your conference signage to make a big splash with attendees. 1. Wall Art in the Main Conference Room Area As the most prominent area(s) of your event, drive home the branding with a large-format solution. A great way to do this is by covering all of the walls all walls with removable vinyl signage. This will not only grab attention… more
Jul 17, 2018
Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.  It’s important to be reminded of this as we get caught up in our ‘can do’ mode tackling projects for which we may not be the best qualified. If you imagine décor and music are all it takes to design experiences, my conversation with Julian Lwin, a spatial innovation and experiential design director, may change your perspective. Incorporating a professional spatial expert into your program is the human equivalent of adding lemon zest to a dish of fresh vegetables delivering an unexpected but welcome, bright zing of flavor and color… more
Jul 11, 2018
It’s that time again! Can you believe it’s been almost six months since our first quarterly reader survey? I’ve always been better at the first two of the three “R”s (reading and ’riting, clearly not so much ’rithmetic), but I’m also going to go with the excuse of being so busy sourcing and writing articles that the time just flew by. Our second reader survey is now available, and will be open through July 23. I’m a big believer in instincts, but also in using a data-driven approach to make sure my ideas and beliefs aren’t wildly off base. The purpose of this survey is to validate our… more
Jul 10, 2018
Apps are the hot new way to communicate with your event attendees. In fact, many attendees have grown so accustomed to seeking information from apps that they expect your event to have one. But how can you tell if your app is truly successful at engaging their attention? And how can you improve it to deliver the results you want? By studying the analytics – or history of usage – within your app, you can get a clearer picture of whether or not and how well it performs. With this valuable data, you can then make smarter decisions about how to design your app for maximum adoption and engagement… more
Jul 02, 2018
Did you know that almost 50% of the plastic we produce is single use? This means it goes into landfill or worse, ends up in the ocean, where thousands of animals and ecosystems are suffering. According to the Ocean Conservancy, plastic has been found in more than 60% of all seabirds and 100% of sea turtle species. Ingesting plastic has life-threatening effects on wildlife and this plastic eventually ends up being digested by humans. Our throw-away society is seriously damaging the environment and it’s up to individuals, industries and companies to start acting to effect change. If everyone… more
Jun 26, 2018
Strategic events change behavior, support sales cycles and bring marketing messages to life. With a clear goal and firm understanding of the event’s desired outcome, a strategic vision is brought into focus. This vision is the foundation of the strategic plan, upon which layers of details are built, all of which come together to create an experience. A true experience is achieved when attendees are enveloped in a multi-sensory engagement that reflects your strategic vision and goal. To do this effectively a professional spatial designer should be hired to make sure your vision is brought to… more
Jun 20, 2018
What is Structured Data? Simply put, structured data is a way for web developers to help search engines understand the content of your page. It is markup added to a web page that tells a search engine like Google specifics about your page information. Google’s crawler can do amazing things but it can’t always pull the right information from a web page. For example, if you own a restaurant and have a website, Google can’t automatically decipher the name, address and hours for your restaurant without a little help. That’s where structured data comes in. If you embed specialized markup in your… more
Jun 13, 2018
Long ago, consultant Tom Gilb coined the term “mythodology” to describe erroneous but commonly held beliefs about how something should be done. Here are nine mythodologies about conferences. Mythodology #1: We know what our attendees want to learn about. Reality: No, you don’t. At least half the sessions programmed at traditional conferences are not what attendees want. Mythodology #2: Event socials are a good way to meet people. Reality: People tend to stay with people they already know at event socials. Participant-driven and participation-rich events provide far more opportunities to… more