Feb 26, 2018
My first post covered the steps event marketers should take towards GDPR compliance leading up to the event – now it’s time to talk about what happens onsite and beyond. The Big Day Event Tech RFIDs are so cool. Live Tweet walls are so cool. The future is so cool, generally. But a lot of people have seen Black Mirror and have some serious concerns around the misuse of technology. The level of innovative systems now available for attendees to play with is staggering, especially when it comes to tech conferences and events. However, while many people find this intriguing and engaging (this… more
Feb 20, 2018
All event strategists know that content is king, so when we bring in outside speakers we need to do our homework and recommend wisely. As is the case with all things event strategists do, their actions yield the highest quality results that align with the event’s goal. In this instance, that means reaching out to an accredited speakers bureau and leveraging their expertise. For those who are not as calibrated in their process, an internet search for ‘motivational’ or ‘professional’ speakers may start the process. Perhaps a visit to YouTube for clips of speakers is the preferred route, with… more
Feb 19, 2018
Acronyms, folks, am I right? (IDK, but I’m SMDH about GDPR. AFAIK, u r 2.) Between these (and other) daft initialisms, scaremongering click-bait, and alarmist legalese the GDPR hype is becoming an ever-louder buzzing noise in the back of marketers’ minds. The reason GDPR has been set up – to protect us and everyone else – isn’t the first thing that we’ve learned to think of when it comes to the subject. We’re too distracted by the prospect of being fined €10 million. As an attempt to cut through the noise, I’m going to run through the lifecycle of the event with practical steps event… more
Feb 12, 2018
Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s hard to miss the hype around the biggest football championship of the year. And this year’s coverage has been particularly interesting with a spotlight on first-time host, Minneapolis. Unlike previous metropolises like Houston and San Francisco, Minneapolis/St. Paul had some hurdles, including fewer traditional event space options and frosty conditions. But the Twin Cities capitalized on its “Bold North” strengths to become the ultimate Super Bowl hub with a wide lineup of memorable experiences in and outside the big game. The bonus for a smaller market like… more
Feb 05, 2018
With technological advances, it's becoming easier and easier for people to ignore traditional marketing messages. They can fast-forward commercials thanks to the personal video recorder (PVR) or avoid them altogether with apps like Netflix. They can mute digital advertisements from brands within apps and on various social media platforms, and they can filter their email inboxes to reduce content that includes sales copy. So how can companies reach potential customers without the message literally getting lost in the mail? Experiential marketing brings brands to life, allowing consumers to… more
Jan 30, 2018
People’s palates continue to become increasingly sophisticated and discerning. There are more of us snapping photos of food, enjoying pop-up restaurants and cooking gourmet meals at home (with or without the benefit of the ingredients delivered direct to their door) than ever before. The term ‘foodie,’ which was once reserved for food snobs and the elite, is now a self-proclaimed adjective many of us wear proudly. If you’re new to the world of event food, read on for some helpful strategic tips for planning your next tasting. Food Tasting – An Essential Part of Preplanning The change in our… more
Jan 23, 2018
The right speaker can help change an average conference or event into a memorable one. Approaching your speaker selection process with a purpose can lead to increased attendance, a more inspired audience and a higher profile for the event. You might think of a well-chosen guest speaker as the exclamation point to the content provided by your executives or presenters. Plus, the right speaker with proper motivation can help attract more attendees. Finding an Amazing, Magical Guest Speaker But how do you find this amazing, magical guest speaker? Before you start searching YouTube, you need to… more
Jan 22, 2018
Since Corporate Event News launched this past September, we’ve done our best to bring you interesting, relevant news that will help you do your jobs better. Now we’re checking in to see if what we’ve been doing has been working – and give you the chance to provide feedback and input to help shape our content going forward. Our first reader survey is now available, and will be open through the end of January. I hope you’ll take a few minutes (it is a 6-question multiple choice and pick-list survey, so it will only take 2-3 minutes) of your time to fill it out - faster than reading this blog… more
Jan 15, 2018
Corporate events come in many types and sizes, but all have a few elements in common: online registration, some type of check-in process, and a credential (badge, wristband, or digital) assigned to each attendee. At the simplest prospect or consumer events, in a single location for a few hours, the credential may be just a paper badge with the attendee's name printed on it. Or it may not be a physical credential at all: a QR code in a smartphone app may work fine. But for more complex events where a sturdier physical credential is called for, that badge or wristband—incorporating QR code or… more
Jan 11, 2018
Tech helps the brand experience world go around, from audio-visual solutions to the latest innovations in digital marketing. Tech is precise, mathematical and useful. It can be eye-catching and fun, too. But ultimately, tech is just part of the show organizer machine that powers event marketing and sponsorship. Stop the engines for one second. What if I told you event tech, at its best, can make shows more personal and create deeper connections between you or your sponsors and audiences? It seems counterintuitive but it’s true. Good tech makes events more human. Ready to put some octane… more