Apr 07, 2023
As an event marketer, you know that creating valuable and engaging content for your conference attendees is crucial to the success of your event. However, what happens to all that great content after the conference is over? If you’re not repurposing it, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to reach a wider audience, extend the life of your event, reinforce its value and leverage past event content to promote upcoming events. Repurposing conference content involves taking the information, insights and ideas presented during your event and transforming them into different formats that… more
Mar 29, 2023
Onsite registration is often the first time attendees experience your brand. Long wait times and poor user experience can cause frustration and unwanted callouts on social media and discourage attendees from returning to future events. Here are some best practices to ensure a smooth and efficient onsite registration process so your attendees can quickly get their badges and take advantage of everything your event has to offer. Pre-Registration: Encourage attendees to pre-register for the event. Offer incentives such as early bird discounts or freebies like swag, drink tickets and parking… more
Mar 21, 2023
As I see the deluge of posts about ChatGPT — mostly humorous queries and B+ grade AI blog posts — I can’t help but feel that most professionals, even those who are typically early adopters, are already being outpaced by the changes in GPT since December. Unlike other major software developments of the past that are updated incrementally and centrally (i.e. operating systems, video editing software, office software), ChatGPT is spawning — at a daily and even hourly rate — hundreds of new startups leveraging the technology to transform entire disciplines. Take for example, a recent tweet by… more
Mar 15, 2023
Many live events and trade shows are back after a long absence and look very different than in the past. There have been changes in the length, structure, format, venue and content — all for the betterment of the event space. It also caused a change in marketing. Promoting a trade show or live event should be just as interactive as the experience, giving rise to short-form video content.  Unfortunately, not everyone in the event space has yet to master this medium. As organizers move into the next generation of trade shows and live events, it’s important to consider the following when using… more
Mar 07, 2023
Let’s face it: Time is rarely on your side if you arrange any event, from a corporate retreat to a convention. There are vendors, employees and volunteers to manage, not to mention speakers, sponsors and attendees. No wonder event coordination is considered one of the more stressful jobs in the world.  What if there was an easier way to manage the process? It involves the three C’s: communication, committees and conversion. If you follow this process, you will save oodles of time and keep your stress level manageable! Here are six tips to help streamline the process. 1. From the beginning,… more
Mar 02, 2023
What’s old is new — or at least trendy — again. Tapping into nostalgia is one way to hit a home run when it comes to reaching the right emotional connection points at events. Evoking feelings of the past while incorporating fresh and modern aspects, brings comfort and excitement all at the same time. Here are three ways to bring nostalgia into your events.  Food So many of us have fond, vivid memories of gatherings centered around food, which makes it the perfect avenue to help bring back those nostalgic vibes. Think of a supper club experience. Slow dining without feeling like there’s… more
Feb 21, 2023
In a recent survey by vFairs, event industry experts were asked what they believed to be the dominant event format long-term: virtual, hybrid or in-person events. Thirty-nine percent of respondents replied that they will be hosting hybrid events going forward. This was the most popular answer, as compared to a 4.5% response of “in-person only” and a 7.5% response of “virtual only.” The remaining respondents plan to use a mix of all event formats. This may seem unsurprising. Hybrid events have been the talk of the industry over the last two years. But for many event professionals, the word “… more
Feb 15, 2023
Our observations on the impact we made as humans became very clear when we were not traveling and consuming as much as we used to during the pandemic. Having witnessed the decrease in pollution resulting from lack of traffic during COVID-19, we have returned to events and conferences much more aware of our footprint. After a long shutdown of events, 2022 saw the doors fully swing open, and we eagerly started to gather again en masse. Virtual events became fully hybrid as we found ourselves rubbing elbows and networking like it was 2019.  How can we make our events and conferences less… more
Feb 08, 2023
Swag bags aren’t new, but they continue to be appreciated and even expected by employees and event attendees alike. However, this reality can make it hard to develop fresh and unique ideas for the kinds of items to include. You want to hand out things that people will use and remember, but there are only so many branded coffee cups one can own before they toss them aside. Here are a few things to consider for different audiences the next time you build a swag bag. Tailoring Your Swag Bag for Employee Retention Whether you are putting together a bag of giveaways as a welcome gift or for a… more
Feb 01, 2023
QR codes are proving to be a winning solution for many companies around the world. British Airways uses them to cut down on queues. Italian fashion brand Diesel uses them to authenticate apparel. And video game developer Cygames used 1,500 drones in Shanghai to replicate a giant QR code in the sky that people could scan to access a game. The point? With QR codes, you can eliminate friction points and show off your creativity. When it comes to trade shows and other business events, QR codes can give attendees a streamlined, engaging experience. Part of the beauty of using QR codes for events… more
Partner Voices
One of the most iconic names on the Las Vegas Strip just got an upgrade. Mandalay Bay has everything that your business needs from a refreshed convention space designed to inspire productivity and creativity, to an impressive selection of world-class restaurants and amenities. If you're looking for a venue that's both inviting and innovative, you have to be here.   New Wave Experiences Mandalay Bay continues to invest in a new wave of enhancements both in the convention space and within the resort as a whole. New restaurant openings including Orla by Michael Mina, more