Shepard Launches eventVOICE - A Voice-Driven Event Assistant

June 15, 2018

On May 30, Shepard launched eventVOICE, a voice-driven assistant designed specifically for events to enhance attendee experience, improve exhibitor engagement and help organizers work smarter.

This tool is a template-based operating platform that boasts ease of set-up, personalized notifications, and a responsive artificial intelligence database - giving a broader range of event organizers the ability to respond to the demand for voice-first search customer experience. 

“The launch of this service aligns with our strategic imperatives to provide clients with innovative solutions which support the growth of their events and communities,” said Cory Smith, managing director, digital solutions.

Smith added, “We’re just scratching the surface of voice-first search and commerce potential. This game-changing technology is shifting demands on personalized customer experiences and we’re excited to provide this innovative service to our clients."
eventVOICE will provide voice-demand customer service, allowing attendees to personalize their event and engage with the tool for a variety of functions, including the ability to: print badges, create agendas, find exhibitors and attendees, and solve routine inquiries.

Partnerships with facilities and city bureaus will support concierge services that educate on anything from local attractions to nearby drugstores and emergency locations and will even coordinate transportation, restaurant reservations, and entertainment. 

“One of the key features for event organizers will be the added sponsorship offerings and detailed reporting,” says Kevin Bird, executive vice president of sales and marketing. The tool offers sponsorships that range from interactive voice content within the app to branding of the voice assistant device and location kiosks. Included with eventVOICE will be thoughtfully designed kiosks for optimal visibility, engagement, and user experience. 

Bird continues, “With eventVOICE, every single interaction is captured; enabling detailed reporting to better understand attendee wants and needs. This information will be a key part of strategic planning of future events.”

Future generations of the tool will include commerce capabilities like event registration and exhibitor ordering. eventVOICE will be available for event organizers beginning later this summer.

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