Corporate Event Marketer Launches Six-Week Full Funnel Marketing Online Course

July 9, 2018

Many corporate event professionals work either within or very closely with the marketing department. Yet there often is not a lot of cross-training provided to help event managers who are not directly responsible for marketing operations learn the processes and terminology involved.

Event marketers who understand the other marketing functions within their organizations are not only more effective, but are also better positioned for career advancement.

Liz Lathan, founder of Corporate Event Marketer, aims to make it easier for event professionals to get that education. She was inspired to create the course because she was unable to find anything like it already available.

“As a manager of event professionals for more than 10 years, I found that they all had access to event management education but not necessarily marketing education,” said Lathan.

She explained, “I had the benefit of many marketing classes, but events are such a unique vehicle that I thought it would be helpful to have content that focused specifically on the modern marketing tactics of today and how they directly apply to events. I searched the web to no avail, so I created it myself!”

Lathan is one of the first corporate event professionals I interviewed for our Event Expert Profile series, in Sept. 2017. At that time she was working full-time for IBM and just starting to develop content for this initial Modern Marketing course.

The pilot program for “Full Funnel Marketing for Event Professionals” will begin on July 12, 2018. The one-hour long online class will run on Thursdays, from 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. Central time, for six weeks.  

The syllabus includes:

Week 1: Introduction to the Funnel

  • Demand gen / lead gen / performance marketing
  • Buyer's journey
  • Persona / cohort / avatar
  • Full funnel marketing

Week 2: Performance Marketing

  • Campaigns
  • Qualifying leads and lead scoring
  • Opportunities and wins
  • ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu
  • Crucial definitions and business lingo like VL, VLRC, AQL, MQL, SQL, SAL, pipeline, opportunity, revenue, WC and WR

Week 3: Digital Marketing

  • CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • E-nurture and nurture streams
  • Gated content
  • Lead magnets
  • Channel / Multichannel / Omnichannel marketing

Week 4: Strategic Event Marketing

  • Definitions of events (for demand gen, thought leadership, etc.)
  • Aligning events to the marketing funnel
  • ROI / ROO
  • Attribution tracking via marketing assist (influence) vs. marketing create
  • Account Based Marketing

Week 5: Using These Tactics for Events

  • Top of funnel content and activities
  • Post-event assets that progress deals
  • When to use hospitality events
  • How to optimize events for a digital audience

Week 6: The Perfect Audience Acquisition Blueprint

  • Email blueprint (using the funnel) for audience acquisition
  • Pre-event tactics to engage attendees
  • Internal toolkit for sales enablement
  • How to partner with affiliates and influencers

All classes will be held via Zoom meeting (video conference), and all sessions will be recorded for participants who have to miss a live session.

This full six-week course pilot is available at a discounted rate of $79 (after the pilot ends, the course cost will be $347). There is space in the inaugural class for a maximum of 50 participants.

Course participants are eligible to earn six CEUs.  

To find out more about the course, watch the introductory video HERE

To register for the class, go HERE

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