Why You Need a Professional Headshot Studio at Your Next Business Event

June 15, 2022

Chris Savas

Chris Savas is a veteran corporate event photographer whose career has spanned more than 40 years, including working as a photojournalist and in the advertising world for more than a decade before dedicating his career to shooting events and corporate headshots. Chris is the developer of the Seamless Imagery On-Demand Headshot Service for live events and in response to the pandemic, recently unveiled Seamless Imagery-VIRTUAL, which enables individuals and companies to receive high-quality, professional-looking headshots from remote locations.

They’re becoming more and more ubiquitous at business meetings and events these days: professional headshot studios. Corporate event planners have learned that most event attendees no longer care about wasteful tchotchkes, giveaways or gratuitous swag bagsthey want something lasting and valuable that they can really use. While there are many ways to spruce up your event and take it beyond just a run-of-the-mill sales meeting or company gathering, there’s nothing like having a professional, on-site headshot studio to make it even more memorable via a valuable takeaway. 

Here are a few great reasons for having a headshot studio at your next corporate meeting or business event and how to choose the right photographer: 

Now More Than Ever, People Need Headshots

For a modern professional, having a good headshot is invaluable, as it presents a strong level of professionalism to the world. Plus, with the “great resignation” still in effect, people are leaving jobs and looking for better opportunities, which means many companies are hiring new team members as well as promoting hard-working staff to elevated positions. And with social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook now absolute necessities in our business world, it’s important for people to put their “best face forward” with an updated, professional-looking image. 

The most common comment I hear from attendees at the events where I work these days is, “My current headshot is 10 years old.” When you are trying to earn the trust of a client or a prospective employer, the last thing you need to do is not be transparent about your current appearance. Professional headshots (not selfies!) allow people to stand out from the crowd and give a great first impression. So attendees who have been using old photos on their business cards or LinkedIn profiles will truly appreciate your event for helping them meet this important need.

Saves Time and Money

Busy professionals don’t always have time or money to schedule their own headshot sitting, but when you offer a headshot studio at your event, that places a unique opportunity right in front of them.

For big companies with lots of employees and multiple offices across the country and/or world, it can be costly and inconvenient to bring in a photographer every time they hire a new team member. That’s why having a headshot studio at an annual sales meeting or company gathering, where everyone is together in one place, is an amazing time and money-saving opportunity, as everyone’s headshot can be taken care of right then and there in an efficient manner. 

Additionally, providing this service not only enables all staff to get updated headshots quickly and easily over the course of the event, but it also allows the company to have uniform and consistent-looking images that will look great on their website. Plus, taking everyone’s headshot in one place at one time will save you, the meeting planner, from having to deal with different photo vendors and multiple invoices. 

Chris Savas Setup
Seamless Imagery on Demand Headshot Service

Provides Value and ROI

To put it simply, when you offer free professional headshots during your event, you’re showing your attendees that you value them. Providing this service not only leaves a lasting impression on event participants, but can also help generate repeat attendance in the future. Keep in mind that every time a business professional receives a compliment about their great headshot, they’ll remember your event. 

Besides being a morale booster, professional headshots are also something people can use right away on their social media pages, especially if you use a next-level photography company that uses an instant retouch and delivery system

Plus, headshot stations are valuable sponsorship opportunities, thus making them a win-win option for event organizers, event sponsors and attendees. When an attendee instantly receives their new headshot in a branded or sponsored email, you can insert a special thank you for attending, a request for event feedback and information about your next event. Now that’s a valuable post-event touchpoint!

Selecting the Right Headshot Photographer 

Now that you understand the myriad benefits of having an on-site headshot studio at your next meeting or conference, remember that pulling this off successfully starts with choosing the right photographer. Just because someone is a talented photographer doesn’t mean they know how to shoot executive-level headshots, so look for an experienced professional who specializes in headshots and has all the equipment and technology necessary to operate a cutting-edge, technology-forward headshot studio. 

I suggest looking at the photographer’s website to see if they specialize in headshot photography and possess a body of work that reflects this. Find out what kind of headshot delivery system they’re using and if it includes basic retouching. Preferably, you want a system that emails automatically retouched headshots within minutes, not hours or days later. 

Ideally, you don’t want to be responsible for delivering headshots to your attendees after the showthat should be handled by the photographer, who should be able to provide you with a spreadsheet of all the attendees who were photographed along with their contact information. 

Ultimately, the right photographer will be willing and able to guide you through the process from start to finish, giving you peace of mind that while you are focusing on pulling off a successful event, your attendees are walking away happy with their new, high-quality portraits. Think of your photographer as your partner in your event’s successand ROI!

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