Prepare for Event Follow-up with a Post-Event Checklist

October 31, 2018

Jonathan Sacks

Jonathan Sacks is founder and CEO of PUSH Agency, a professional modeling and event staffing company. He has been in the event staffing and promotional marketing business for more than 20 years.

There is a lot of work that goes into planning and executing an event. Because you and your team are so focused on getting every detail right, it can be easy to think that your job is done once the curtain comes down. Nothing could be further from the truth. The moment itself is only the beginning. You need to focus on sustaining the momentum well beyond when the last attendee leaves the venue. Unless you take the right steps with your sponsors, team and attendees, any progress your organization might have made will stall.

The follow-up to a successful event requires many steps. For example, it’s critical to provide your sponsors with a clear demonstration of the value your event provided to them. By showing them how the event was worth their investment, you strengthen your partnerships with them and improve the chances they will help you again.

You also must concentrate on maintaining connections with your attendees. This includes reminding them to save the date for future events and offering them more content to bolster your brand in their minds.

You may be tempted to see the end of your event as the finish line, but that means slowing down when you should be charging ahead at full speed. The accompanying checklist details what you should be doing immediately after your event.

Post-Event Checklist created by PUSH Agency


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