Want to Wow Your Event Sponsors? Get These 3 Things Right

July 18, 2021

Event sponsorships are a popular marketing channel for most large organizations. 85% of marketers say their companies prioritize sponsoring events. For event organizers, understanding what ROI sponsors look for is of utmost importance to build trust and have sponsors return for future events. Most companies sponsor events:

  • To build brand awareness among the target audience.
  • To introduce their brand and business to new customers.
  • To increase sales of their product or service.

As an event organizer, you want to ensure your event delivers the ROI sponsors expect. So if you want to wow them at your next virtual or hybrid event, here are three things you need to get right.

Branded Experiences

Companies want to make a lasting brand impression on their target audience. Let each of your sponsors’ brands shine and stand out at your event. Your event tech platform should enable you to offer truly branded experiences to each of your sponsors - from the look and feel of their virtual booths to custom sponsored banners and virtual lounges.

Platform Onboarding Support

As is the case for any hybrid event platform, sponsors will need help setting up their event areas and solving any issues they have during this process.  While this support is crucial, it might also be challenging for you to allocate resources to this task at the peak of event execution. In such a scenario, having a dedicated customer support team that knows the platform at the back of its hand is critical for your event’s success. Dedicated customer support not only makes event setup and execution seamless but also helps with troubleshooting during and post-event issues.


Data and insights

Quantifiable data and actionable insights are incredibly important to sponsors. It helps them understand and justify their investment in your event. More importantly, an easily accessible data dashboard helps them:

  • Retrieve and qualify all leads generated at the event.
  • Analyze audience interaction patterns with their various assets such as sponsored banners, product demo videos, virtual booth chats, and downloadable content.

82% of marketers can’t quantify the attendee interaction data at their corporate events. So if your event can offer such critical information to them, they are bound to be impressed.

With virtual and hybrid event platforms, delivering an exceptional customer experience to your sponsors can be smooth-sailing. While choosing an event technology platform, look out for one that’s built for deeply branded experiences, offers dedicated customer support, and empowers you with rich data & analysis.

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