Unique Venues and Transformative Spaces: The Cinema Experience with Fathom Events

January 17, 2019

From black box spaces to renovated castles to cinemas, there are unique and transformative spaces around the globe. This ongoing series of articles highlights a few of the many options available for corporate events.

When people think of transformative, they typically think of a black box, or an empty warehouse. But the broader definition of transformative is “to cause a marked change in someone or something.” When planners are looking for a unique venue, one of the objectives is that it must provide a memorable experience for attendees — one that will live on when the event is long past.

For corporate events such as town halls, product launches, or VIP events where you want to capture the attention of a large number of attendees at once, a movie theater provides a “wow” experience — and the ability to provide face-to-face interactions in multiple locations at once.

Fathom Events is a joint venture from the world’s three largest theatre circuits: AMC, Regal (Cineworld) and Cinemark. In 2018, Fathom delivered more than 160 titles across more than 260 event dates, including The MET: Live in HD and TCM Big Screen Classics.

Over the course of its 16-year history, Fathom Events has worked with corporations to support a variety of events. Today, Fathom offers America’s largest live network of movie theaters and partners with distribution and technology vendors in more than 44 territories worldwide. This network allows planners to offer a simultaneous big-screen experience to attendees in locations across the nation.

“We have more than 975 theater locations: over 325,000 seats,” said Craig Wilmes, corporate sales manager for Fathom Events. “A large corporation could seat every employee they have in one of our locations, near their office or near their home, all over the country or even internationally.”

Applications range from an event where you can showcase your own content to customer or employee appreciation events, leveraging Fathom’s distribution network to provide special showings of hit movies.

Stefanie Luciano, Fathom’s director of sponsorships and B2B sales, explained that Fathom is a one-stop shop. You sign a single contract for the entire event, and they handle all the operational and event management details. These include everything from booking theaters to obtaining rights for movies and music, content delivery, tech support, issuing tickets and checking people in.

Excited theater goersThere are additional options for customization as well. Fathom can coordinate lobby placements, handouts of product samples or giveaways, and signage or placards in the theater.

“Holding your event with Fathom creates a one-of-a-kind experience,” said Wilmes.

He added, “It’s an opportunity to bring entertainment and an immersive quality to your messaging and to your event. We’re basically tying together an event platform with the technology to scale it across the country.”

Corporations can also opt to sponsor Fathom events, with options for short custom content spots that can be run in the pre-show lead up to the main event, whether that be a movie, animated film series, musical or motivational speaker.

If you aren’t sure what content is the best fit, Luciano said that Fathom can help with that too, using analytics to match your ideal attendee demographics with specific entertainment offerings. She also noted that the sponsorship team can help with targeting marketing and advertising messages, leveraging Fathom’s 250,000 Facebook followers, an opt-in email subscription list of more than 700,000 and followers on other social media channels whose numbers are increasing every day.

For more information on hosting private events with Fathom Events, or sponsorship options, go here.

Photos courtesy of Fathom Events

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