A Sweet, Simple Way to Boost Social Engagement at Your Next Event

November 8, 2019

At the recent Kohler Food & Wine Festival last month, my husband and I kicked off the opening-night dinner event by taking a bite of something delicious: our own faces. It’s not what you might expect. Thanks to a cool company brought in by the event called Selffee, we had our photos taken, then printed onto iced sugar cookies — that were not only cute and fun to look at, but tasted delicious, too. 

The activation at Kohler was sponsored by an automobile company, and as such, the sponsor got to collect our contact information via an iPad in exchange for our photo cookies. We got to see our photos being printed directly onto the premade cookies, as well as all the others being made, which was an engaging experience that no doubt sparked lots of social media posts that night.

Selffee iced coffeeSelffee, while having an arguably regrettable name, has quite a genius invention. Companies from CNBC to Microsoft to Google have all used the edible photo booths at corporate events. The whole point of Selffee’s machines is to help event marketers pull off experiential activations, changing the way people connect through technology — and also providing some new, unusual sponsorship opportunities. 

Currently, the Brooklyn, New York-based company can supply machines to any event (for up to 50,000 guests!) in the United States and Canada with at least two weeks notice, and will soon be expanding to Australia. 

Cookies aren’t the only product Selffee offers. Also on the menu are creative iced lattes and matcha lattes, marshmallows and macarons, all able to be printed with custom photos. Selffee machines can also make printed cocktails and even printed tortilla shells (how about a taco bar with your attendees’ faces?)

Of course, you can get the cookies printed with any type of image you like — including your corporate logo or event’s colors — but that won’t impress attendees as much as a treat bearing their own image. 

Would you try Selffee for an event? Do you think your event sponsors would be interested in an opportunity like this? Share with us on Twitter, @CorpEventNews.

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