Napa and Sonoma: Open for Meetings and Events

October 30, 2017

In the aftermath of the recent devastating fires, the Napa and Sonoma areas of California need your support. On Oct. 24, all road closures and evacuation orders within Napa County were lifted. Cal Fires expects the Sonoma County fires to be fully contained by the end of this week.

As is usual after a tragedy, prospective meeting clients are concerned both about the availability and usability of facilities, but also about wanting to be sensitive to the feelings of those who were directly impacted. In this particular case, the best way to help is to bring your business to the area.

Sonoma County is large —1 million-plus acres in size. More than 90 percent of the county was not affected by the recent fires.

Only two meeting hotels in Sonoma County are closed – Fountaingrove Inn and Hilton Sonoma Wine Country. Paradise Ridge Winery, which held a number of corporate dinners and events, also is closed.

Many events throughout Sonoma County are happening as planned. Sonoma County Tourism asks you to please not cancel your meetings or any leisure visits.

“We need visitors now more than ever,” said Tim Zahner, interim CEO of Sonoma County Tourism.

“Our lush vineyards, hundreds of wineries, stunning beaches, and ancient redwoods are here and most of them are open. Providing hospitality to travelers is the best way to help Sonoma County get back to work. Our 20,000-plus tourism jobs are among small, locally owned businesses. We want to see you and welcome you to the Sonoma County we all love,” he added.

The majority of Napa Valley’s more than 400 wineries were open and hosting guests just days after the fires started. Currently only four wineries in Napa Valley have reported being closed due to fire damage. Additionally, all restaurants, tours and activities are welcoming guests.

"It's crucial that meeting planners convey to their clients that the Napa Valley is just as beautiful as ever," said Teresa Savage, vice president of sales for Visit Napa Valley, the official tourism marketing organization for the Napa Valley.

"The majority of Napa Valley’s more than 400 wineries were open and hosting guests just days after the fires started and all of Napa Valley's hotels, restaurants, tours and activities are open and welcoming guests,” she added.

The well-known Napa Valley floor, located between Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail, saw little to no impact. No hotels in Napa County burned, and the two affected by smoke damage are scheduled to be fully open at the end of October.

Of course, it is always best to reach out directly to the venues.

“We encourage all visitors who have travel plans to the Napa Valley to confirm their reservations directly with their hotel, winery or other supplier,” said Clay Gregory, president and CEO of Visit Napa Valley.

A new local organization, Rebuild NorthBay, led by former FEMA director James Lee Witt, was just launched with the goal of ensuring total and complete disaster preparedness for the North Bay and providing resources to the business community.

To find out more on Napa Valley events and fire relief efforts, go here

To find out the status of Sonoma County businesses and events, go here

Photo credit: Sonoma County Tourism


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