Maritz Global Events Partners with CPG Agency on Design Studio

January 29, 2018

On Jan. 23, Maritz Global Events announced its partnership with CPG Agency, a corporate engagement agency, as part of the company’s newly launched Design Studio. The partnership will initially focus on serving corporate clients within the company’s Maritz Travel division.

CPG Agency prides itself on designing disruptive, impactful experiences that connect top brands to the ideas that drive critical initiatives and grow business. The agency designs live events, immersive experiences and ongoing engagement strategies to inspire action and create brand advocates.

 “Partnering with CPG Agency allows us to deliver on the purpose of Design Studio – taking us from just exploring better experiences to activating them for our clients and their guests,” said Greg Bogue, chief experience architect, Maritz Global Events.

As a strategic design partner, CPG Agency will offer Maritz Travel clients enhanced design services for their events including creative communications, content development, production and branding. Maritz and CPG will focus on designing and delivering better guest experiences throughout the entire event lifecycle.

 “When strategizing for their big conference or next event, the right hand doesn’t always know what the left hand is doing, or spending,” said Ellie Dupuis, vice president of business solutions, CPG Agency.

“To solve that, you need more than two companies just combining solutions; you have to design and execute together,” she continued.

Bogue summarized the reason why CPG Agency was the right fit for this partnership.

“This isn’t about suppliers or vendors,” he said. “It’s about working in concert to provide more cohesive, holistic and strategic event experiences.”

For more information on Maritz Global Events’ Design Studio, go HERE.

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