Make Events Safer With APPIX In-Venue App Notifications Service

December 6, 2019

New in-venue smartphone app APPIX can be used to increase audience engagement — and now helps event organizers make their events safer, too.

The app debuted earlier this year targeting a wide range of use cases for immersive live event experiences. From participating in venue-wide displays of phone screen projections to receiving exclusive real-time content, messages and videos throughout an event, APPIX allows everyone in attendance to become part of the live show.

At the Nov. 20-22 Event Safety Summit in Pennsylvania, which used APPIX as its official conference mobile app, the technology company announced a new service: area public safety alerts. APPIX APSA will make it possible for attendees to receive public health and safety alerts without the need for cellular data or Wi-Fi networks. APPIX officials say the new notification service is similar to weather or AMBER alerts but will work regardless of cellular congestion — even in the event of a loss of electricity.

APPIX APSA, which will go live in 2020, will be free to download, requires no user information and utilizes non-pairing Bluetooth technology. APPIX is offering the service for free to in-good-standing Event Safety Alliance members with events of more than 5,000 attendees — the only costs will be for essential expenses (company officials quote transport and labor as examples), and will provide pricing for others as part of overall service quotes.  

“Through APPIX, our goal is to support concerts and conferences with the assistance they need to take their event to the next level,” says Jordan Calvano, publicist for APPIX. “With APSA, which stands for area public safety alerts, we are expanding beyond our current focus on creating memorable moments and helping events run smoothly with a new specific focus on event safety. This is a new extension of our current in-venue smartphone technology.”

The APPIX team works directly with event organizers to get the information needed for programming the app. Calvano says that for conferences, this includes providing attendees with real-time details about presenters and the schedule through the app to help things run smoothly. 

“[APPIX] also serves as an audience engagement tool and lighting effects technology, which allows us to create magical and colorful moments at conferences, concerts or any other type of event that is synced to production,” Calvano adds. “Guests follow instructions through our in-venue smartphone app and this allows them to become part of the experience.” 

Moments in the app are synced to the live production, with audience members receiving instructions through their smartphone and the app. For conferences, Calvano says it takes around one to two months to finalize the details and get everything set up. 


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