IMS Technology Services Launches 2nd Screen Technology Solution

November 21, 2018

There’s a new component in IMS Technology Services’ IMS Concierge suite, and it’s designed to encourage audience participation and increase engagement — in real time.

The newly launched IMS 2nd Screen, powered by Glisser, is an integrated platform that includes presentation software, an audience response system and event analytics. The audience participation app shares slides to personal devices and uses audience interaction to provide analytics that can help planners and presenters improve the attendee experience.

“We understand that content is the core of all meetings and the more interactive you can make the event, the more attendees retain the content you presented,” said chief operating officer of IMS Paul Wedesky, CASE, CMP.

He continued, “We have developed a suite of services that enhance the overall attendee experience and streamline the content and speaker management process for the conference staff.  Our new 2nd Screen Technology is user-friendly and cost-effective, making it accessible to even the smallest events and conferences.”

The name “2nd Screen” refers to the use of a mobile device to view and interact with event content that is being presented on the first, or main stage, screen. Second screen solutions typically include a question and answer feature, polls, social content and links.

For more information on IMS Technology Services, go here.

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