How to Inspire Awe at Your Corporate Events

January 13, 2021
How to Inspire Awe at Your Corporate Events

Not so long ago, corporate meeting planners were dreaming up impressive off-site events for their groups to attend. Cirque Du Soleil, anyone? One of the key measures for engagement were Instagram photos and shares.

When live events return in full force (hopefully this year), it may be time to re-think whether it’s best for attendees to immediately pull out their phones when the grand moment strikes. Consider a new book e-book, “Wired for Wonder: The Transformative Power of Awe,” written by NeuroCognitive Fitness founder Dee O’Neill, M.S., LPC, BCN and available on the Expo Group website.

“Have you ever been to a museum or even one of the seven wonders of the world and seen people buried in their phones?” O’Neill asks in the book. Her advice to keep attendees more mindful—i.e., take in the moment.

Inspiring awe is not just some nice goal to aspire to, it is essential in conveying the importance of an event. “Every event experience can include elements of awe that help keep participants’ brains focused and induce positive benefits,” writes O’Neill, who will be hosting a webinar on the topic on Feb. 24.

Such grandiose moments lead a transformational mindset that truly encapsulates why we miss face-to-face meetings so much right now. The book notes that these in-person experiences have the ability to:

  • Shift attention away from ourselves
  • Make us feel like we are part of something greater than ourselves
  • Make us more generous toward others.

Not every corporate event will be an incentive trip or held at an exotic location. So it is often more feasible to bring inspiration to attendees rather than them to dream locations.

Gratitude, in particular, can be replicated anywhere, and not just through an awards gala. O’Neill suggests CSR activities, hands-on demonstrations and signage featuring words of thanks to mentors.

When trying to keep attendees in the moment, schedule group runs or physical exercise. Quiet pods add a space for reflection and to avoid being overwhelmed by the crush of data we take in each day of an event.

Remember, it’s not just a good thing to do for its own sake. Employing these practices has genuine ROI.

“Invoking awe presents extensive opportunity for personal lives and for advancing the causes and strategic objectives of organizations,” O’Neill concludes.


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