Exhibitpro Launches Curated Corporate Gift Boxes Supporting Local Businesses

December 21, 2020
Exhibitpro Launches Curated Corporate Gift Boxes Supporting Local Businesses

All of us could use some reasons to smile these days. Exhibitpro, a New Albany, Ohio-based creative experience company, has come up with a clever way to turn frowns upside down while supporting small businesses in its local community. 

The company recently unveiled its “Keep Your City Smiling” boxes featuring curated products from Columbus-area small businesses that have been hurting from lack of traffic, sales and revenue since the onset of COVID-19 and its economic fallout. 

The creative brainchild of Snapbar CEO and Co-founder Sam Eitzen, the “Keep Your City Smiling” initiative was recently adopted by Exhibitpro – with Snapbar’s blessing – after CEO Lori Miller stumbled upon Eitzen’s clever idea on LinkedIn. After seeing her fair share of standard, promotional-item stuffed gift boxes over the years, she found the KYCS mission, values and message of gifting intentionally while supporting small businesses incredibly inspiring. 

“I knew I wanted to be a part of this initiative,” Miller explained. “Small businesses have a very special place in my heart, and I wanted to bring this movement to the communities in our backyard.”

Exhibitpro Launches Curated Corporate Gift Boxes Supporting Local BusinessesTo curate and create the boxes, Exhibitpro partnered with several Columbus businesses to populate the boxes with unique and high-quality goods including candles, soaps, coffee, cookies and art. Orders start at a minimum of 50 boxes and can be customized to fit specific needs. 

According to company officials, the Columbus-specific boxes just snagged their first corporate client, and Exhibitpro is considering creating additional boxes for other Northern Ohio cities in the near future. Additionally, the company is also open to inquiries from small businesses looking to be featured in a city-specific box.

Not only do KYCS boxes serve as unique thank-you gifts for clients, members and employees while highlighting a specific destination, they also double as an alternative to conventional corporate gift giving, particularly during the holidays, Miller said.

“These boxes tell a meaningful story, and we’re excited to see the smiles they’re bringing to recipients’ faces…we’re thrilled to be able to help out our community,” she said.

To learn more about Keep You City Smiling and how to create a curated gift box for your destination, go here.

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