EventBot Provider Sciensio Rebrands as 42Chat

September 16, 2019

Looking for an EventBot from Sciensio? You’ll now find the brand — and its chatbots — at 42Chat.com. Company officials say that the new name is inspired by three different things the number 42 represents:

  • The meaning of life – from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson’s jersey number
  • ASCII code for the asterisk

In a blog post detailing the reasons for the rebrand and the selection of the new name, 42Chat’s director of marketing Sarah McMullin describes the number 42 as being “synonymous with greatness.” (She also notes that “Sciensio” had proved rather difficult for people to pronounce correctly.)

Founded in 2016, the company — first Sciens.io, then Sciensio, now 42Chat — has won numerous awards for its AI chatbots, including winning the 2017 IMEX Pitch. It has formed partnerships with other leading event service providers such as Aventri and Shepard. Today, 42Chat bots deliver a more than 95 percent correct response rate, over 70 percent engagement rate, more than 30 percent transactional click-through rates and less than a 1 percent opt-out.

To learn more about the significance of 42Chat, read the blog post

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