Corporate Event News Announces Partnership With Haute Dokimazo

February 22, 2019

Corporate Event News, an online hub for industry news, insights and original content serving corporate event professionals, and Haute Dokimazo, providers of the Haute Dokimazo Spontaneous Think Tank, have announced a partnership.

Launched in 2017, Haute Dokimazo signature events have attracted significant media attention as well as quickly filling up with senior-level event marketers and suppliers. Haute Dokimazo offers a participant-driven way of meeting, sharing and learning designed to provide attendees the opportunity to solve their business challenges in an unconference format.

Event attendance is capped at 100, with a strict ratio of brand representative to supplier, and all events are a “no-selling” environment.

"Corporate Event News is excited to partner with Haute Dokimazo," said Danalynne Menegus, managing editor of Corporate Event News. Corporate Event News is a part of Tarsus Media, which also publishes the industry leading news source for trade shows, TSNN (Trade Show News Network).

Menegus added, "Haute Dokimazo events are high-energy, interactive and foster both learning and relationships that can help attendees advance in both their personal and professional lives. Having experienced these events first-hand, I believe they are highly valuable for event professionals.” 

Haute Dokimazo is launching its first “Secret Family Reunion” event this fall. Open to anyone who has attended a Haute Dokimazo event in past, only 75 slots are available. Registration to reserve those slots is now open, and will remain open until July 15.

This video offers a taste of what attendees can expect, both from the event and from the experience.

On Nov. 2, participants will meet at John F. Kennedy International airport in New York, and will be whisked away to a secret destination where they will spend a week engaging with and learning from their peers. There’s a single all-inclusive fee, which covers airfare, accommodations, food and beverage as well as registration.

If you haven’t attended a Haute Dokimazo event but want to go to the Secret Family Reunion, you still have one chance to qualify. The next Haute Dokimazo will be held May 19-21 in Chicago, Illinois, and attendees will be able to apply to attend the SFR.

"Partnering with Corporate Event News has been a dream of ours since we launched in 2017,” said Nicole Osibodu, co-founder and president of Haute Dokimazo. “We’re so proud to be associated with an organization that is dedicated to helping corporate event professionals stay on top of their game and take their events to the next level.”

In addition to in-person events, Haute Dokimazo is partnering with Corporate Event News to launch a monthly series of interactive online events dubbed “Haute Topics.” Each month, a topic that is hot within the industry will be selected to discuss. While there will be a moderator and a guest presenter, the primary focus will be on peer-to-peer sharing. Limited to 20 attendees, these interactive Zoom webinars will also be recorded and available to watch on-demand.

The first Haute Topic is scheduled for Mar. 1, 2019 at 12 p.m. EST. This Digital Spontaneous Think Tank will feature guest Dan Seidman with Trade Show Internet. Seidman, a representative from the independent internet service company that enabled the cheese sandwich post from the Exumas, will share his story of the only thing people care more about than food and Evian: a Wi-Fi signal. Evan Korn, CEO of experiential production agency iDEKO, will host this intimate and interactive conversation.

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