Complimentary Whitepaper: Why Your Events Fail to Drive Business

May 13, 2019

Colossal events, such as Oracle OpenWorld, Dreamforce and CES, can attract upwards to 200,000 attendees and cost millions to produce.

But….are these events worth all the time, effort and money poured into them?

The goal for most events is to drive new business. But without a forum for holding discussions with attendees about their business challenges and ways you can help them overcome these challenges, it’s often impossible to build quantifiable connections that provide the ROI your event needs.

Many event marketers and CMOs are constantly looking for ways to quantify results. Do any of these questions sound familiar?

  • How can I better recruit customers and prospects to attend, visit, and engage in our events?
  • Why can’t I turn gathered leads into business opportunities?
  • Can I prove and report an event ROI while also holding costs to budget and delivering value from events?
  • Am I getting the right people from my company to participate in these meetings?
  • What tools will help me turn attendees into customers? 

The new whitepaper from Jifflenow, “Why Your Events Fail to Drive Business,” will help you answer these questions and provide tools you can use to maximize the business results of your next conference.

To download your complimentary copy of the whitepaper, go HERE.


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From apps to chatbots to completely redesigned meeting spaces, technology is revolutionizing how events are planned, executed and experienced. It’s now at the core of most successful events and, ultimately, is instrumental in helping attendees forge meaningful connections and gain insight. The opportunities to create truly impactful experiences will only increase with the rise of “all-in-one” tech tools and the introduction of 5G internet.