Clarion Events North America Introduces Suite of New Digital Products to Foster Connections

October 19, 2020

With the impact of COVID-19 continuing to affect the live events business, Clarion Events North America has released a new quartet of digital products. This includes Virtual Product Showcases, Episodic Content Series, On-Demand Education Membership Packages and Virtual MATCH Meetings. Through all of these virtual products, the emphasis is on fostering new, qualified relationships.

 “The events industry has been overdue for a change and our teams have taken this as a time to reimagine our offerings, working with their customers to define what matters most across each of our industry sectors,” said Greg Topalian, Clarion North America’s CEO.

With the diversification of its product offerings, Clarion has found new ways to connect communities, driving new business for exhibitors and sponsors with a highly engaged audience through virtual experiences. These products have been key to developing opportunities for lead generation for exhibitors and sponsors and have proven to be an audience acquisition tool for many of Clarion’s event brands. 

Clarion’s early digital product adopters have come from the North American Power and Energy Series, Fire & Rescue, led by FDIC and Insuretech. The leadership driving these brands have strong customer connections and have delivered ROI for both attending and exhibiting customers. The brands have ambitious plans and some, such as ITC, have been successful in bringing customers together in a focused, multi-country world tour engaging partners in different regions to help host mini events for that locality. With more than 90 hours of programming, the platform provides a way for sponsors and decision-makers to connect virtually.

“Part of our focus in the delivery of these new products is to ensure our team is structured in a way that will swiftly drive innovation, allowing us to learn, enhance and share ideas across portfolios while supporting each team to execute the customer journey in a way that will deliver the audience,” explained Topalian.

Clarion has expanded its staff, creating a central Virtual Products Team whose focus is to support the digital product offerings across all facets of the commercial business. It’s led by Liz Irving, executive vice president and head of marketing, technology and customer experience. ​​​​ 

Clarion’s new digital offerings have already begun rolling out within its 10 industry sectors in North America with plans for all of its 50-plus events to implement new virtual components supported by the Virtual Products Team.

Find more information about Clarion Events North America virtual product offerings as well as open positions with the company here.

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