Event Tech Roundup: New Solutions & Partnerships By Bizzabo, Resiada, Banzai & More

April 30, 2024

Throughout the U.S. and across the pond, event technology companies are unveiling new solutions, enhancing existing offerings and teaming up with other providers to deliver more compelling features for event organizers and exhibitors alike.

GlobalMeet Unveils New AI Capabilities

Virtual event and webcasting technology leader GlobalMeet announced new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and a refreshed user interface for more immersive event experiences.

Able to work seamlessly with any camera-enabled device, the new AI capabilities within GlobalMeet’s webcasting platform and Live Studio for presenters include:

·  Natural Interaction: Automated face framing, panning and zooming facilitates eye contact to mimic the flow of more natural and realistic conversations, enhancing the exchange of non-verbal cues

·  Presenter Framing: Algorithms automatically detect faces that come into camera view to adjust framing in real time. This feature promotes greater visibility and inclusivity by automatically featuring active speakers and ensuring all presenters stay in focus

·  Intelligent Layout Design: Both voice and visual detection are enabled to allocate screen space proportionally and reduce unnecessary visual disruptions for a cleaner interface

·  Device Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with all camera-enabled devices from classic webcams to state-of-the-art video equipment

Kim Niederman, GlobalMeet

These newly integrated capabilities coincide with updates to GlobalMeet’s video bridge designed to streamline the presenter’s journey and optimize operations. They include:

  • New Presenter Layouts: Enhanced layout automation and optimization functionalities intelligently manage screen space and shift focus to active speakers.
  • Virtual Backgrounds: Users can now select virtual background images or upload their own for a personalized and branded experience, and maintain privacy by blurring their background.

“Artificial intelligence is the future for virtual event technology, and GlobalMeet is proud to leverage AI in this dynamic way,” said GlobalMeet CEO Kim Niederman. “These AI capabilities further expand upon our mission to help our customers execute flawless events for when their message matters most.”

22Miles Launches AI Assistant Tool

Atlanta area-based 22Miles, a global provider of digital signage software and interactive digital solutions, released Tradeshow AI Assistant, a custom-trained conversational AI tool designed to streamline event operations and attendee support via an engaging, user-friendly and responsive chat interface.

Offered free of charge to a limited number of event organizers for one year, the solution leverages the 22Miles generative AI solution integrated with the brand’s 3D Wayfinding App and content management capabilities.

Offering rapid, real-time event information and wayfinding that attendees can interact with naturally in any language, Tradeshow AI Assistant can be deployed by organizers on digital signage, websites or within the event app and easily updates information throughout the event as needed.

For attendees, the Tradeshow AI Assistant supports navigation across large venues, swiftly and accurately recalls event-related information and ensures reliable, prompt self-service support on demand.

Requiring as little as four weeks for deployment, the Tradeshow AI Assistant can quickly and seamlessly integrate into event operations, and aggregates data to deliver a blend of qualitative insights and quantitative metrics post-event.

“Our solution is unique in that it uses natural language processing to understand attendees’ questions, no matter how they’re phrased, and gives useful, real-time answers, just like a human information desk representative,” explained Joey Zhao, CEO and founder of 22Miles. “We look forward to empowering show organizers with comprehensive, time-efficient, cost-effective support.”

Bizzabo Partners With Resiada to Integrate Hotel Room Block Management

Bizzabo has integrated hotel room block management to its Event Experience OS. Powered by Resiada room block management software, this integration enables event organizers to streamline the attendee hotel booking process and monitor their room block natively within Bizzabo.


Through this integration, event participants can now move easily from event registration to hotel reservation by clicking through to an event’s branded, mobile-friendly booking site, where their personal information and ticket number are auto-filled. The registrant simply has to input their travel dates, browse accommodation options and complete their reservation.

Additionally, event organizers can manage their room block directly from Bizzabo’s Reports hub instead of jumping between platforms. With dashboards updated in real-time, organizers can easily view reservations, manage inventory and track their differential list to see who’s registered and booked versus registrants who still need to book their hotel. This reporting can then be shared with colleagues and stakeholders at the organizer’s preference.

“Bizzabo remains committed to delivering a personalized, low-friction experience throughout the entire event lifecycle,” said Alon Alroy, CMO and co-founder of Bizzabo. “This collaboration with Resiada not only simplifies a key part of the in-person attendee’s journey but also delivers real-time insights and enhanced efficiency for our busy customers.”

Banzai Expands Its Event Marketing Solution 

Marketing and sales solutions technology provider Banzai has expanded its event marketing solution, Reach, to help show organizers target qualified contacts, drive event registration and generate leads for event marketers. 

Joe Davy, Banzai

Reach helps marketers drive event registration by inviting a company’s ideal audience through personalized multi-channel campaigns. Leveraging Banzai’s Audience AI feature, the solution targets potential attendees from a database of more than 379 million professionals by geographic region, industry, job title and more to fill rooms and sales pipelines.

According to Joe Davy, Banzai CEO and chairman, the company’s expanded investment in its Reach business is designed to meet an increased market demand for audience acquisition solutions for webinars and field marketing. The expansion includes the creation of an operating business unit, investment in new technology systems to support customers more efficiently and an expanded strategic focus within Banzai to serve additional customers.

“Event attendance is a major challenge for marketers utilizing field marketing or webinars as a strategy,” Davy said. “Reach enables customers to focus on event and webinar execution while supplementing their event audiences to increase their overall ROI.”

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