3 Mistakes to Avoid at Your Next Sales Kick-Off

December 10, 2021

Your sales reps' expectations from sales kick-offs (SKOs) have changed. They no longer want boring business strategy monologues. They want to network, get energized, and figure out how they’re going to be successful that year. There is also the added challenge of meeting these expectations virtually.

Here are 3 mistakes you could be making at your virtual SKOs that are affecting your sales results.

Mistake #1 - Packing it all into 48 hours

A typical SKO is an annual mega-event where sales reps are crammed into their seats all day and given one presentation after another. This drains their energy and hampers their ability to absorb and retain information.

Rather than packing it all into one event, space it out over a period of time. Use a virtual platform to shift to a series of sales training, motivation, and enablement events. This facilitates regular check-ins with your remote teams and keeps them engaged.  

Mistake #2 - Opening a floodgate of information

As a sales leader, you may feel tempted to frontload your SKOs with information. But here’s the thing: sharing too much information at once generally ensures your team will not remember most it.

Instead, consider sharing 2 - 3 of your most important initiatives in the SKO, while spreading everything else out over time, in bite-sized pieces. Take this a step further and gamify your SKO and evergreen training with virtual contests and networking games. Keep the momentum going by engaging them with a leaderboard. 


Mistake #3 - Making it boring

If your virtual SKO becomes monotonous, boredom will quickly creep in. And your sales reps are likely to switch off and disconnect. 

The key to engagement is to ensure that there is never a dull moment. Bring your sales team to the forefront by engaging with them in the chat. Invite them to perform at the event instead of bringing in professional performers. Enable mind-stimulating activities. Tell stories that are relevant, contextual, and personal.

SKOs are one of the first interactions you have with your larger sales team that year. But they don’t have to be the only ones. Keep your sales team engaged throughout the year with regular virtual events and the added advantage of gamification (which competitive salespeople often love). Most importantly, produce memorable digital experiences by investing in the right virtual event platform.

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