Half Year Check-In

May 28, 2019

Christy Lamagna

Christy Lamagna is the founder of and Master Strategist at Strategic Meetings & Events. For the last decade her focus has centered around disrupting the meetings industry. She is teaching planners to evolve into meeting strategists, who think with curious minds and learn to create meeting environments that shorten sales cycles and influence attendee behavior. A lifelong learner, intellectual philanthropist and author, Christy taught college-level strategic planning for 10 years which helped inspire her book, “The Strategic Planning Guide for Event Professionals.” Read all of Christy's "Get Strategic" blog posts for CEN here

Throughout 2019 this space is dedicated to strategically aligning yourself to your goals and creating a plan to achieve them. Your life goals and new growth can be attained the same way strategic events are achieved; by following my five-step strategic plan. And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense, because isn’t life the ultimate event?

January focused on stretching beyond comfort zones, getting out of our own way, being willing to take risks and do the work required to accomplish it. February was about visualizing what you imagine when you think to the future and picture your ‘successful’ you and explored things you could do now to step into that role. March’s piece focused on creating behaviors that are congruent to the person you want to evolve into. April was about the actions you’re taking to make the changes you want to see real, and this month is about the power of focus, never losing sight of your goals, and belief in manifesting your vision. This month we’re concentrating on the alignment of our strategic focus, thoughts and actions, and the resulting outcomes.

Do you consider yourself the architect of your life or a product of circumstances beyond your control? It’s ironic that the meetings industry is populated by people who like to take charge and make things happen but who simultaneously have, perhaps unconsciously, surrendered their fate to powers we ascribe as being beyond our control. The truth is we are more capable of our own strategic focus on creating the life we want to live than we are of the outcome of our events.

Is there something you have always known about yourself or your life that then happened? For instance, did you always know you would have a certain size family, live in a particular place, travel the world or manage a team of people?

I always knew I’d live in a Tudor house. It was a foregone conclusion that my “forever” home would be a vision right out of a storybook. I wasn’t looking for a house when one fell into my lap with a footprint and price tag that was beyond my imagination, but when it happened, while I was tremendously thankful, I wasn’t a bit surprised. I always knew it would become a reality.

We often attribute things that are in complete alignment with our visions as “good luck” and the things that aren’t, as “bad luck.” Our energy follows our thoughts and intentions, so when we give in to negative thoughts or feelings of self-doubt and fear, we are interrupting the path to our goals and strategic focus. When we believe something unconditionally, we have an uninterrupted flow of energy and those goals become reality.

According to the 12 Laws of the Universe, “Our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world” which means we need to accept responsibility for our own lives. So, if you are outwardly unhappy, your office or home is a disaster, you are always exhausted, frustrated or complaining, positive things are not coming your way. Period. More complaining won’t make good things happen. This may sound obvious but it’s easy to fall into a trap where we express our frustration but spend no energy solving the problem or working towards a better future. Short term it’s easier to complain. Long term the only solution is to see a goal, create a plan and work diligently until you achieve it. Then, you get to begin again. Success is much more edifying than sympathy.

Many of us will occasionally find ourselves nostalgically longing for the days when we believed in the magic contained in wands and Genie lamps. The truth is we have the tools needed to make many more than three wishes come true. When we set our goals, strategic focus, and intentions, create a plan, concentrate our energy, thoughts and actions on achieving our goals and we keep a positive attitude regardless of the obstacles, amazing things happen. It’s not magic, or luck. It’s the manifestation of positive energy and intentional thoughts and acts.

As Thomas Jefferson famously said, “I am a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

It’s May. Why not start focusing on what you want your life to look like a year from now and laser in on making it happen.

Want some inspiration? Send me your strategic focus on Twitter at @SMEChristy.

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