The Advantages of Hosting Your Event at a Flexible Event Space

November 5, 2019

Shannon Licygiewicz

Shannon Licygiewicz is the director of sales for the Albany Capital Center, a premiere event space that is part of the Capital Complex. Shannon has worked in the convention center industry for 15 years and holds CEM certification. 

Events are continuing to shift to incorporate more interactive and experiential programming. Company meetings and conferences are no longer one size fits all, consisting of fixed seating in front of a projector. As event planners explore facility options for their events, they look for a venue that allows them to create an immersive and memorable experience for attendees. Booking your event at a venue with flexible space allows you to maximize programming options as well as a variety of creative layouts and formats all under the same roof, all while continuing to surprise and engage your attendees. 

Events now take place in multi-layered packages and shift from registration, to general sessions, panel discussions, dining, breakout sessions and networking. Hosting your event at a venue with the ability to accommodate each one of the program items and objectives will prove to be less of a hassle, and more cost effective. For example, if your event venue has moveable walls, put them to use by carving out designated breakout session and buffet areas for your event. Furniture items such as chalkboards or creative partitions can assist you in defining these areas instantly. 

Spaces that offer an array of layout configurations can easily create a more accessible event space for your attendees. For example, if your event space has the ability to be set up with various seating orientations, position seating at an angle that will provide easy access to a buffet, or maybe clear the way for more aisle room. This change can make a difference in the feel and sometimes the capacity of attendees your event can handle. Simple ideas like this can help drastically. 

Adaptability is a critical component of event planning. As changes arise, having a space that can easily convert to accommodate sudden alterations can help you avoid major hiccups. A flexible meeting space will make it easy to change things for users on the fly such as lighting, furniture and audio-visual elements. It’s important to utilize a space that can shift gears quickly, and can avoid the hassle of uprooting an entire event. Venues that provide moveable lighting options, stackable furniture or in-house technology services can alleviate the stress of last-minute changes to the event program or space. 

Planning your event with a flexible venue doesn’t only pertain to the space that the event will be held in, it applies to staff as well. Successful events are made possible through cooperation and partnerships between clients and the venue employees. As issues come up, a staff onsite that can strategically extinguish problems and find alternative solutions is key to hosting a smooth event for your attendees. Utilizing a venue with food services able to provide a variety of menu options from appetizers to full course meals can remove the headache of hiring catering for each portion or day of your event. Venues that provide these dining services can make all the difference. 

We have held a wine and dine event at Albany Capital Center that comprises four different events in our space over two days. By changing over the event spaces throughout the day, we are able to accommodate these separate events, each of which have a different feel and atmosphere. Our partners with food and beverage, audio, visual and décor all work together to ensure each event is run smoothly. It’s key that logistics and operations are coordinated prior, to make the transitions as organized as possible. 

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