5 Ways to Promote Sponsor and Exhibitor Booths at Virtual Events

Imagine if sponsors and exhibitors kept returning to participate at your events. Isn't that every event planner's dream?

This is possible! All you need is to identify the outcomes a sponsor or exhibitor wants and help them reach their goals through a consistent approach.

Getting visibility and generating sales/leads are two common event goals sponsors and exhibitors have. Below are five ways to help them achieve these goals.

1. Promote on social media and email

Helping sponsors and exhibitors meet their goals is a process that can start long before the event. You can promote their participation through your social media channels and email marketing programs. This helps sponsors and exhibitors get visibility and is a great way to attract the right audience to your event.

2. Get the eyeballs with branding

Once you’re live providing sponsors with branding opportunities is the best way to drive audiences to their booths. You can do this by enabling sponsors and exhibitors to set up branded booths complete with logos, colors, imagery, and marketing collateral. Banner ads available in various sections of the virtual platform can also be used to promote sponsors and exhibitors participating at your event.

3. Spread awareness during sessions

Another way to promote your sponsors and exhibitors is by mentioning them in between your sessions. Informing attendees about their participation in the booth section is one way to do it. You can also have them sponsor prizes and giveaways that are given to event attendees.

4. Send out in-platform notifications

Most virtual event platforms provide organizers with in-platform push notifications. Eventprofs can use this feature to notify attendees about the sponsors and exhibitors. The notifications work best if timed just before breaks and networking activities.


5. Invite sponsors to participate as speakers

Last but not the least, you can invite sponsors to speak at your event or be part of a panel discussion. This not only positions them as an expert but is also a great way to give them maximum exposure.

Of course, which of the five techniques you choose will either depend on the category in which a particular sponsor and exhibitor belong or how it fits into the larger event picture.

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