5 Ways to Greenify Your Event

February 10, 2020

Amelia Barry

Amelia Barry has been a part of Albany Capital Center's Sales Team for four years. Prior to coming on board at the ACC, she was a Public Relations Coordinator at the Albany County CVB.  Amelia prides herself on her ability to organize just about anything and loves working with clients to help individualize their events.

Event planners want to make a lasting impression on their attendees, causing them to reflect positively on their event with the hope that attendees will return year after year. But what if your event caused attendees to not only remember how well your event was run, but also the positive impact it made on the environment?

As the state of the earth continues to be a concern, making your event eco-friendly will not only show your attendees you care about the environment, it can also save you money!

Here are some things to consider as you look to make your event greener:

Lighting – Work with your event venue to identify sustainable lighting options. Ask if the venue has LED lighting or even natural lighting. Inquire with the venues you are considering for your event and see if a sustainable lighting option is attainable.

Recycling – Sometimes all it takes is a friendly reminder - make sure your event venue has recycling bins available, or is able to accommodate recycling options for your event. Placing these bins next to garbage cans throughout the venue can make it easy for guests to recycle and shows your attendees that the environment is important to your organization.

Paperless – Cut your event’s paper and printing costs! Check with your event venue to see if they have any digital signage throughout your meeting space. Digital signs on the breakout room entrances eliminates the need to print out those costly posters and makes it easy for your attendees to locate the right room. You can also post your event agenda on digital spaces available and email it to your attendees so they have it readily available.

Dining options – Check with your event venue to see if they have reusable tableware, rather than using paper and plastic silverware, plates and cups. Your attendees will notice the care for the environment as well as the elevated feel of the meal.

Transportation – Encourage your attendees to decrease their carbon footprint by carpooling to the event venue. Ask your event venue if they have transportation services available, such as a shuttle service, or if they participate with any ride-sharing companies like Lyft or Uber and can help arrange a discount code. Having transportation options available throughout your event also eliminates hassle for attendees as they plan to travel back and forth to the venue.


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