Oct 11, 2017
Liz Lathan, Tom Spano and Nicole Osibodu are three event marketing industry professionals who saw a need for a new kind of conference for event and experiential marketers. Leveraging their own expertise along with that of fellow industry professionals, they decided to create the event that represented their visions. Thus, Haute Dokimazo was born.   “All the event industry conferences we were going to had the same format: keynotes, breakouts, etc.,” explained Lathan.   She continued, “The value in true peer-to-peer interactions that are not pre-planned is so wonderful and that was missing.… more
Sep 21, 2017
With over 500 million users, LinkedIn’s potential to be a powerful tool for finding and engaging with relevant professionals is obvious. However, what isn’t obvious to many professionals is how they can tap into that potential and take full advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer. After about a decade of using (and experimenting with) LinkedIn, I’ve developed a system for myself that’s works – in fact, about a third of my business now comes from LinkedIn. Here are some of the actions I’m taking and features I’m focusing on: 1. Set Realistic Expectations LinkedIn isn’t magic. It’s a tool… more
Sep 03, 2017
The Corporate Event Marketing Association (CEMA) provides a community for senior-level strategic event marketers and industry professionals to share their knowledge and best-practices. Launched in 1990 as an association for corporate exhibit managers in high-tech, its acronym encompassed several meanings throughout the early years. The “C” initially stood for “computer” and the “M” quickly morphed to “marketer” to indicate its focus on strategic event marketing and planning – the whole event experience, not just logistics. Now in its 27th year, CEMA still has a strong representation from… more
Sep 03, 2017
The responsibilities of corporate event professionals cover the boards, from strategy and planning to content and marketing to flawless execution of logistics. Event-related roles all include at least a subset of these categories, but much like events themselves, no two are identical. At Corporate Event News, our objective is to showcase the diverse people, programs, challenges and rewards of corporate events, so what better way to accomplish that than by talking to industry experts? The following interview is the first in a series of corporate event professional profiles to help familiarize… more