Delta Airlines Launches Biometrics for Delta Sky Clubs

April 17, 2018

If you’re an event professional, chances are high that you are also a frequent flier. Delta Airlines has just launched a new biometrics program for Delta Sky Club members: Sky Club members who also have CLEAR® can now use their fingerprints to enter all 50 U.S. Delta Sky Club locations.

The experience is made possible through Delta’s new biometrics program – Delta Biometrics Powered by CLEAR – which is free for Delta Sky Club members who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. This new program has the potential to streamline check-in for millions of Sky Club visits each year.

 “From unlocking our phones to entering the workplace, more and more people have the option to use biometrics as a form of identity verification for daily activities,” said Gil West, Delta’s COO. “Having that option is quickly becoming an expectation that we are working hard to meet through this program.”

The Delta Biometrics experience is made possible through CLEAR. CLEAR allows members to bypass the long security lines by securely verifying customer identity via biometrics fingerprint. Participating airports have a CLEAR lane at TSA security checkpoints. A CLEAR team member monitors the lane, greeting and escorting customers to the biometric reader. Just scan your boarding pass, tap your finger and you’re then escorted straight to the line for physical and screening.

Delta Sky Club members with CLEAR can take advantage of this new touch point immediately. No need to have your membership card or boarding pass, simply use your fingerprints to check into the participating clubs.  For Delta Sky Club members who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and do not have CLEAR membership, enrollment is available at 14 Delta Sky Club locations across the country. 

“CLEAR is thrilled to continue partnering with Delta to help facilitate a frictionless travel experience through this new check-in option powered by CLEAR’s secure, proven technology,” said Caryn Seidman-Becker, CLEAR’s co-founder and CEO.

Delta Biometrics features a new, enhanced scanner that was designed in response to employee and customer feedback throughout the testing phase. The scanner includes the following features:

  • Ergonomic finger supports and angled fingerprint reader to optimize hand angle and promote successful scans;
  • Intuitive sound and lighting check-in response for customers and ambassadors, so the processing signals are easier to understand; and
  • Re-designed, sleeker device that was custom-built around the encrypted fingerprint reader.

“Delta Biometrics and our work to make this kind of program available across Delta touch points is part of our ongoing commitment to finding secure, innovative solutions that actually improve the customer experience while giving our employees tools that help them engage more meaningfully with customers,” said West.

He continued, “We will continue to gauge employee and customer feedback to refine the offering and evaluate additional touch points where biometrics can make travel seamless.”

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