Artificially Intelligent Mixed Media DJ Adds Flair to Events

May 17, 2018

Videos at events are nothing new. Corporations have made advances in when and what they show, now often mixing video and photos captured during the course of a conference to create a “recap” video shown on the final day.

These videos are typically produced by a small team or even a single individual, using carefully curated content. But what if all your attendees had the opportunity to participate in creating a real-time, interactive, mutable experience?

eObjx, the first artificially intelligent mixed media DJ, promises to do just that.

eObjx CEO and co-founder John B. Graham describes the platform as a spinoff of the Internet culture. The prevalence of social media has changed the way people engage with each other – and with your brand: engagement automatically increases when you make technology interactive.

 “We created eObjx to be a new form of what we call we-technology – the kind that brings people together with a central focus,” said Graham. “We want people to look up from their phones and to be present at events versus buried in their private virtual worlds.”

With eObjx, event attendees can add their own contributions to the live display while also viewing the contributions of everyone else being projected – all intelligently mixed by the platform. There are no apps, no downloads, no sign-ins – just a private and secure web interface.

Worried about privacy after the fact? There is also a limited time for interaction. Once your event is over, the mix disappears (although organizers can opt to purchase a media zip file for a historic record).

Corporate clients have been using eObjx in interesting ways, such as taking that idea of a closing video and punching it up: event organizers can create and upload media objects during the conference and then open things up to allow attendees to add new photos and videos in real time – the perfect entertainment for a closing party or special event.

Another idea is to create a live multimedia-enhanced version of a photo booth: having an area with fun props, and uploading the photos and videos into the event’s eObjx.  

A design client hosted an event celebrating its founders’ induction into the national hall of fame. As a surprise for the inductees, small roving team captured short videos of company employees sharing congratulatory wishes. eObjx autonomously created a serial slide show remix based on those videos to create a memorable real-time celebration experience.

Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada recently partnered with eObjx for its inaugural 4.01 Race for Financial Fitness, held Apr. 7 in Las Vegas.

eObjx played continuously poolside on the big screen during the race’s official after party at the Hooters Hotel and Casino. Sponsors, guests, and runners uploaded event photos, videos, and GIFs as eObjx autonomously self-assembled these media “objects” on-the-fly, into ever-changing continuous remixes displayed on the screen.

Caitlin Shea, director of development for Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada, was enthusiastic about the experience, describing it as inclusive and participatory.

“eObjx made our event feel so warm, welcoming, and exciting for our participants –  having their images and videos projected instantly onto the screen,” said Shea.

“People were taking photos and videos live, in real-time and adding to the projection. eObjx just made it feel like it was everybody's event,” she added.

For more information on eObjx, go HERE.

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