Jan 22, 2020
A brand-new decade is upon us and seasoned meeting planners are looking for ways to keep up with innovative event industry trends. Whether it's eco or social responsibility, ensuring attendees have invigorating meeting spaces with beautiful views, healthy menu options, latest technology or unique breakout sessions, here are experiential ways to incorporate five key industry trends into your 2020 events. Mindful Meetings & Menus Matter Hotels around the world are starting to offer customized mindful meeting packages to enhance their guests’ overall wellbeing. Examples of wellness… more
Jan 14, 2020
The outlook for the events industry is bright through 2020. Human beings are driving to connect with each other, to experience things together. We look for opportunities to connect and grow, and events are a means through which this occurs. And more events mean more need for event planning services. As the industry evolves and faces new issues like physical and cyber security, increasing diversity and changing expectations from attendees, event planning as a profession will need to evolve as well. The question is how it will evolve. There are (at least) two schools of thought, two differing… more
Jan 09, 2020
Because I’m a sustainability consultant, you may assume that I believe in human-caused climate change. Until recently, I’ve avoided talking much about climate change to my professional audience, because I want to avoid being polarizing or political. First of all, if you’ve made this assumption, you’re correct — I do believe, based on the consensus of thousands of scientists, that human activities are changing our climate. However, I no longer believe that climate change is a political issue. I wouldn’t even call it an environmental issue. It’s an everything issue. The growing instability of… more
Dec 20, 2019
If you’re a regular reader of my posts, you know that this year’s monthly columns explored ways to make 2019 the “Year of You.” From self-growth, reflection, healing, encouragement, forgiveness and accountability to our final topic – self acceptance and promotion. You’re likely going to be socializing quite a bit through the New Year. If you’re not great at polite conversation and small talk, skip it. Instead, make it a point to have conversations which inspire thought, create an abundance of positive energy, and that leave someone feeling motivated and you feeling good about yourself. An… more
Dec 16, 2019
As we get closer to year-end, our thoughts turn to holidays, peace, love joy, harmony, goodwill to all … and what better way to start your holiday season than by taking the CEN annual reader survey? Our brief (less than 10 minute) reader survey drills down on the topics and types of content that you care about, and is also a great way to let us know if there is anything we’re missing — or anything we missed the boat on. Still debating? In our last survey, you indicated that you like “listicles” aka “Top X” lists, so here are five reasons you should take the survey now. 1. It’s only 8… more
Dec 10, 2019
Social media success involves more than having tons of followers and likes. Significant reach and impressions can be vital ingredients to your social media soup. However, the ultimate test of your efforts comes down to driving brand loyalty, lead generation and, ultimately, customers. Here are the most vital stats for measuring the efficacy of your social media management. Engagement You may have thousands of followers, but are they qualified fans of your business? Is your follower base full of active social users, or is it loaded with fake or delinquent accounts? Do your followers… more
Dec 03, 2019
Planning an event, whether it's a team-building trip, an outing for key clients or executives, or a conference, takes an enormous amount of organization. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the to-dos piling onto your list, take a deep breath and remember that your work is worthwhile. Just how important are your planning efforts? Conferences and special client and partner events help build pipeline, retain customers and contribute to the overall perception of your brand. Team-building exercises at company retreats can rally employees and leaders around their shared goals, uncover people’s… more
Nov 25, 2019
When we asked 14 of the smartest women in event technology to name the top tech trends for the coming year, two findings jumped out: 1) There is no single trend that will dominate discussion (though there are a couple that definitely got more mentions); and 2) There are a LOT of tech trends that event professionals will need to watch! These 14 brilliant women actually provided 36 responses covering 17 different topics. There were a wide range of one-off answers, among them: Better WiFi Technology that supports sustainability Increased task automation Noise-cancelling headphones Vendor… more
Nov 19, 2019
In January I committed to making 2019’s columns about YOU. From lifelong learning and goal setting to finding a support team and being accountable, we’ve covered a lot of ground. With the year 90% completed, how are you feeling in the present moment? Share your story by emailing me at The holiday kickoff has officially started with Thanksgiving around the corner, which for many means a season of bliss and for others a time of sadness. Whether you’re ready to deck the halls or deck the next person who aggravates you, spend a few minutes with me and reflect on all you… more
Nov 13, 2019
When you search for a printing company across the globe, there will be so many to choose from that it could become really difficult to decide which company to get in touch with. You will find there are national-level as well as local companies offering the same service. Here are a few important points that will help you select the right company to ensure your printing and designing task is completed successfully. Analyze the Quality of Work You will be able to analyze the quality of work by examining samples of their previous assignments. A few things to check would be color consistency,… more